Your hairstylist's brain is fried... not your hair

Let’s start with a little back history of me.

So I did hair for about … 2 years? I know. What the hell do I really know anyways. Would you trust someone with your locks after only 2 years of experience? Probably not.

What’s fucked up is when I got into hair, I probably knew more about it then my past hairstylists who had “years of experience”. More like.. years of doing the same thing over and over and having short hair their whole lives, don’t understand the value and APPRECIATION of actual GOOD hair.

I got to that point where I was so unbelievably frustrated with the industry and geting shit for brains stylists fucking up my hair for hundreds of dollars; I decided to hop on my own high horse and learn how to do hair myself. I did it for my own self. Girl. Let me tell you.

Doing hair is not hard. It’s simple. If you can draw, if you can paint, if you can knit, if you can put makeup on yourself, you can probably learn how to hair too.

What most stylists DON’T do that is ACTUALLY HARD (and that is the missing link between good hair - good stylist = happy person) is the FOLLOWING

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