Hairstyles of Iconic Pop Culture Characters

In the same spirit of his previous series of untitled movie posters, french art director Madani Bendjellal reveals his latest project of posters named Hair Max : a playful riddle series that focus on famous cartoon characters hairstyles.

Most people are all too familiar with the regular french braid. It’s a hairstyle that creates an interesting weaved pattern. There are quite a few variations when it comes to braiding. One of them is called the Dutch braid. This method is basically an inverted french braid. Instead of crossing the braid over each other, you’d do it the opposite way.


‘An Animated History Of 20th Century Hairstyles’ Shows How Far Hair Has Come

Hairstyles can speak volumes about history. Over the course of the 20th century, looks ranged from dreamy to trendy, from intricate to just plain bizarre. A new animated video from The Atlantic takes viewers on a 100-year hair journey. From mullets to pompadours, bobs and beyond, the 20th century saw more than a few iconic hairstyles. 

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