2014 has been a really important year for me, guys. I graduated with a bachelor of arts, started my dream degree in secondary education, learned how to give a hard no to things (and people) that aren’t good for me, stood up for my beliefs, started being more open about my sexuality, and did some seriously fun shit to my hair. selfies 2k14 were all about self love, and I hope you guys all did the same this year.

I wanna tag brawllyparton, chictatorship, hellokelseygirl, 10stewbale, wordscanbesexy, owlmylove, trash-baby-spice, grumpygrunge, firewalkwithmulder, marshmalley, leddzephyr, hoeprahwinfrey, whinyspice, fats, and femmewitchqueen (because I want to see SO much more of your beautiful faces)