Gunter Schickert

With Zombi’s Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra behind VCO Recordings, there is no surprise that the majority of the label’s output has been both cosmic in material and cinematic in approach.  It’s rarely put out anything as multi-faceted and diverse as Gunter Schickert’s “HaHeHiHo” cassette though, with a krautrock and psychedelic vocabulary that goes into some seriously surprising places.  ”Western Union” cycles through some desert rock motifs while “Power Call” goes even further out, bringing to mind the ’70s veneer of Brian Eno’s early pop recordings.  What’s interesting is that “HaHeHiHo” isn’t highlighting these trends in a contemporary light, in fact the material was originally recorded in 1996 and just now seeing the light of day. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia