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I find it funny that these reading responses are supposed to have “an argumentative stance from what the author wrote” even when the wRITING IS JUST AN INFORMATIVE TEXT ABOUT THE TIME PERIOD

I was tagged by danny-lohner

RULES:fill in all the blanks and tag six people
 1. name: Kyah 
2. birthday: August 23 ………………,… 
3. favourite number(s): 7 (3,9,11,n 13 are also pretty rad) 
4. height: around 5’2 1/2 ish??? 
5. talents: Playing music supposedly,knocking into things,getting older men to semi-love me 
6. can you juggle?: hell no 
7. art/sports/both: Art ‘cause I break myself when I do sports(I swear I fucked up my foot jump roping) 
8. do you like writing?: I like writing things I like to write.But essays and the like no 
9. do you like dancing?: Jammin in my room hell yes also to a degree every where else.There are dance degrees it would take awhile to expound on them though I will spare you 
10. do you like singing?: I like to but I’ve forgotten how to do it well 
1. dream vacation: Joshua Tree in Southern California or Berlin in the early 80s also middle Tennessee in the fall (basically I wanna roadtrip)
2. dream guy/gal: Everything Josh Homme is 3. dream wedding: I dunno actually I’ve never thought about it really…My hometown outside in the fall ‘cause we’d all die of heat stroke in the summer 4. dream pet: …………pigs do sound really appealing but a cheetah would be nice but I wouldn’t be able to give it all the love it deserved so yeah a cat
5. dream job: mothafuckin tourin musician alternately food truck owner
1. favourite song: HA HAHAHA I’ll never be able to choose that. Right now my theme jam is Misfit Love by Qotsa
2. favourite album: Again I like too many bands but ummm…here I’ll do one that’s not Qotsa…since we’re approaching fall Your Funeral,My Trial by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 
3. last song you’ve heard on the radio: Shiiiiiit trying to remember when I last listened to the radio….Oh actually it was a dumb older Green Day song 
4. least favourite song: Speaking of Green Day remember when ‘21 Guns’ was playing everywhere???? I think that was the name 
5. least favourite album: It’s not my least favorite but fuck I could never get into The Boatman’s Call by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 
6. least favourite artist: too.many. Well I don’t necessarily hate him and he’s not my least favorite but I think Marilyn Manson is totally overrated and I wanna kick his ass so there ya go
1. guys/girls/both: Boys ‘cause they’re such a frightened of me 
2. hair colour: I dunno but I tend to gravitate towards black haired gothy boys n hxc gingers 
3. eye colour: I don’t really have a preference anymore but there some gorgeous blue eyed people out there 
4. humorous/serious?: humorous5. taller/shorter: I tend to like the taller guys but I ain’t opposed to shorter guys well honestly most everyone is taller than me so it’s no big difference 6. biggest turn off: pandering and wide eyed fear towards me 
or flat out ignoring me 7. biggest turn on: There’s a list but havin’ that shorter slicked back look like Dave Vanian in the early Damned years is the shit

I tag : feelin’ too lazy to tag and will probably be retagging other who have already done this sorryyyy if you’re bored and or want to then I tag YOUU