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My name is Sarah, favorite color is red, ship Outlaw Queen <3<3, favorite ice cream flavor is anything that doesn’t kill me, and I don’t have a cat, but there is a stray that lives in my backyard that I have named Agnes.

First off, thanks for sending this message. I’m always happy to talk to my followers. I’m glad right now.

Second, we share the favorite color there \o/ and the ship as well… I’m not ready for Sunday! D:

I like anything with chocolate, so chocolate ice cream is one of my weaknesses <3

Does Agnes adopted your backyard as her home? How does she look like?

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WHAT DO U THINK HAPPENED TO IZAYA AFTER HE DISAPPEARed from hospital in the light novel!

well, i know for a fact he goes back to his apartment because namie walks in on him and feels bad for him, so i imagine he probably went back there and stayed out of sight while just screwing around online but mainly healed. probably also reached out to all the members of his gang of evil doers to convince them and inform them of his plan

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✘ (There's bound to be something.)

Send “✘” For my muse to say something they dislike about your muse.

“Maria… even till the end you had faith in others. They were… they are so far beneath you. They deserve none of your forgiveness. They don’t deserve the second chance you gave them. What I’m trying to say is… what I dislike about you Maria… is that you left me to protect them. My promise to you is all that binds me to helping them.. truly my heart is filled with hate. Because of you, I have to live protecting what I still despise most… 

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I reaaally dont like that post bc it feels really victim shamey to me? like I dont like their tone its really "they were faking it for attention/believe accused above accusers" and I am very uncomfortable with it

if u mean the xkit guy post,, like idk?? what the real story is?? idk if there was proof or not but if the post is true then if there was no proof theres really no reason for ppl to have believed it. i mean i believe things without proof sometimes too and its just cause im . really naive but still idk. u rly shouldnt exactly send hate/death threats/etc to someone without having any proof??? but i know what ur say but like . idk can someone prove that what that post is saying is true cause i dk

                         { tarik cassidy }

                        1. Wow what a cutie

                                              2. Oh wait he’s hot

                                                                      3. Protect him he’s awkward

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"Come, I am taking you out for dinner. You seem upset, and I have observed that food may sometimes help."

“I am not upset,” she replied tersely. The lid to the barrel was returned a bit more forcefully than what was necessary, and she turned to scowl at Dalamus, “I am fine.”

Halldis sighed, and picked up a pitchfork and began to spread fresh straw in the stalls, “Thank you, it’s very nice of you to offer, but I’m afraid I have too much to do.”

*sighs* i really just want to make my liam blog into a side blog to this account. bc i want to do things on liam’s blog..but effort. and i’m lazy..and just..gah. it’d be so much easier if i just moved him to a side blog before the new season.