Fine, if you’re so sure now, go ahead, then give him this. This is why he’s here! Don’t let him deceive you! Give it to him, watch, you’ll see! Trust me, my dear. That’s how fast he’ll leave you. I won’t say I told you so - no. Rapunzel knows best! So if he’s such a dreamboat, go and put him to the test. If he’s lying, don’t come crying…mother knows best..

There’s a common sentiment in both the Cassiopeia and overall K-pop fandoms that ‘OT5’ Cassies need to just “get over it.” These fans need to  accept that the boys are no longer together and, very likely, will never be together again. They need to accept that their friendship is over, that it was obviously never as strong as they claimed it to be or else they would have gone into the lawsuit together. They’re delusional and pathetic if they’re still hoping for a reunion and they’re not respecting JYJ’s or Yunho’s and Changmin’s wishes by clinging to the past. TVXQ only has two members now, not five, and JYJ is a separate group entirely. 

It’s been four years since the injunction was filed and they still can’t accept reality—what is wrong with them?

But the thing is…when did we have a chance to move on? When were we ever given the opportunity to come to terms with the fact that the group that we’d all come to love and admire was broken beyond repair? When were we ever given an extended period of time during which the fandom was allowed to adjust to the sudden loss of three-fifths of it’s central core?  Where we were allowed to fight amongst ourselves before settling down with an agreement that everyone has their preferences and nobody in this situation is right or wrong, innocent or guilty.

Quite simply, the answer is this: we weren’t. We were never given that opportunity to come to grips with our reality, never given time to deal with all these conflicting emotions. 

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