alone again ↪ a mix for unholyverse gerard.

one: jesus christ - brand new two: blue lips - regina spektor three: broken crown - mumford and sons four: you’re no god - laura marling five: squalor victoria - the national six: in minutia - proxies seven: crossroads - tracy chapman eight: sigh no more - mumford and sons nine: graceless - the national ten: all this and heaven too - florence and the machine eleven: can’t help falling in love (elvis presley cover) - ingrid michaelson twelve: the power of love (frankie goes to hollywood cover) - gabrielle aplin thirteen: luca (reprise) - brand new.

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Name: Hayden~

Nicknames: Hay, Kitty 

Birthday: February 9th! 

Gender: (Gender Fluid) Both! 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 

Height: 5’4 1/2 

Favorite color: Purple

Time and date at current moment: November 22nd, 2014. 7:31 pm 

Average hours of sleep: 8-10 

Lucky Number: 12

Last thing I googled: cherubplay? 

First word that comes to mind: cold 

One place that makes me happy: writing!! 

Favorite Fictional Character: Nico Di Angelo from Percy Jackson! 

Book: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Animation: tooooo many to name 

TV show: Walking Dead, Red Band Society, Star Wars Rebels, and Supernatural 

Favorite Beverage: Apple Juice B) 

Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: Big Hero 6

Dream Holiday: Scotland ;u; 

Dream Wedding: um haven’t given much though? 

Dream Job: To become an author!