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Deine alte URL war besser :( aber die bockt auch haha

finde es gibt zu viele dealer urls auf tumblr, ich mein jetzt dealt anscheinend jeder heutzutage, deshalb fand ich die url ausgelutscht

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Ahh it's the same guy from Leeds though 😜 but my god you're perf.

I know haha I can remember! Ahh not use to getting anonymous tumblr compliments, so I don’t know what to say apart from thanks lmao!

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I just want to take you out one night and spoil you. Dinner, a movie, shopping for things you want, all cause you're awesome and deserve to have someone spoil you for once for all you do and just how much awesome you contain!

ahh, that’s really sweet anon (: i do get spoiled, though, haha. not with many material things, but with a lot of love from friends and family uvu thank you for the kind words dear! <333

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also ein tumblr treffen in hannover? darf man daran teilnehmen ? haha.

Ja der @luckdontexit macht sicherlich eins und verpennt dann 😁😂


Today we’ll talk about routinization.

Three things I would like to do everyday.

1. Completing my homework.
Obviously that’s to finish my homework. As a student or rather art student. Homeworks or assignments are tasks given with a tight deadline which we have to complete within a certain time frame and having a lot of work piled up isn’t a good idea…

Why am I not doing it?
Well that is due to time restraint and bad time management. You could even say laziness plays it’s part… Sigh haha.

2. Gymming
Id love to hit the gym every single day. Pump every blood vessel in every muscle and look like the hulk. Feeling the ‘pump’ is actually the best feeling you can, you should and you will get in the gym if you’re working hard enough.

Why am I not doing it?
Again due to time restraint and with all that “HOMEWORK” piling up. I can’t possibly bear to hit the gym now can I. The most I can do is push-ups and sit ups at home I suppose.

3. Modeling
The fashion industry is one of the most intriguing field to ever be in. A small analogy would be, if the fashion industry is always moving, so are the stock tables in the banking industry.

Why am I not doing it?
First of all I don’t know how to get in there. Hoping opportunities would come or be created. It’s a job I would really love to do and so is arts.

The biggest barriers and supporters in my life right now would be my family and this particular girl I love. Well things are not working out really well and my life is actually spiraling badly. Ironic isn’t it? Oh well that’s life. I just got to deal with it and climb back up.

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wie bist du auf tumblr gekommen

Durch ask vor ca.2 Jahren
Icon: 6/10 du sahst auf den ersten Blick aus wie meine Freundin haha,krass
Posts: 7.5/10
Gesamt:7,5/10 schöner Blog (:
Follow: ja jetzt

the-confidant replied to your post “. 11. 13. 14. 15. 17. 20. 24. 28. 29. 30. 33. 36. 37. 38. 41. 42. 45. 46. (MBTI) 49. 59-61. 67. 73. 81-87. 89. 92. 99. (It’s like I’m assigning homework questions)”

A++ I like how you elaborated on your answers. You’re lucky I didn’t make you answer all the questions like I did with some others ;) Haha. But yes, that anon was in fact me.

I. FREAKIN’. CALLED IT. Of course it was you. C:

Honestly, I probs wouldn’t have minded if you had asked me to do all of them. It was fun! Hahaha. And thanks for the super grade. ;)

I’m dying to go to sleep now though. *falls back into pillows* *pulls a blanket over my head* *whispers* Nighty night.

(Ps. I saw all 3 of your replies. No worries. :))

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it can hurt of course! everyone's hymen is different, it just should not bleed because that's damage to the tissue. but it's not a big deal once it's over and done with :)

Yeah that makes sense, bleeding doesn’t seem good haha


Happy Birthday Mr Lucasia unicoiho

First of all i want to say thank you for being always there for me. Kahit minsan may mga di pagkakaintindihan. Kahit minsan you’ve almost surrender sa kung ano meron tayo. days and months passes by and we’re still here! akalain mo nga naman. Minsan tinanong ko na din sarili ko bakit nga ba ako naghohold on sayo. Madalas naman binabalewala mo lang ako haha. Kahit asar na asar nako pagnagkwento ka na may bagong crush ka na naman. Kasi nga kagaya ng sinabi ni basha kay popoy “Ako nalang, ako nalang ulit” haha (K! medyo corny yun)

I really admired and thankful sa patience mo saken. Hinde biro yung effort sa pag travel palang just to see me minsan ako pa demanding. Sobrang hanga din ako kay dad to raise a young boy na kind hearted optismistic intelligent at charming (naks! Bola101) haha pero totoo naman yun. Goodluck sa international practicum mo. Antagal mong hinintay yan. ang tagal ko din pinagpray yan. It’s not the way the we expected, pero God is really good sabi ko naman sayo may mas maganda syang plan for you. And ayun na nga you’re leaving soon. Be always the person you are. You’re so blessed.

Alam kong madaming beses na tayo nagusap sa kung ano meron tayo. Masaya ako sa kaya mo lang ibigay at sana alam mo gano ako kasaya ng dumating ka sa buhay ko. I’ll be your number one supporter and bestfriend for the rest of my life. Hindi man maging tayo pero salamat sa magagandang memories na binigay mo. Kung si Athena my Sexy Love ikaw namam nagiisang Baby Cute Love ko hehe. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the patience. Thank you for understanding always. I know that you’re very happy with all the events in your life right now. Your mom and dad, nanay and tatay, cousins friends and me are very very very proud of you. You’re such a gift to all of us! Happy Happy Happy Birthday my baby cute love! 🎁🎉🎊🎈😊👊😘🐼👌👏


I wann go to mall but my body is too lazy to exert effort to move. gosh! super tamed ko na talaga, walang manyayari saki kung palage na lang ako ganito. Pati mag blink ng eye tinatamad ako, nakakatad na talaga ! hahay buhay . Ano bang magandang gain ngayon? haha