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Thank you for clarifying that James Franco thing because I never woulda guessed it wasn't for real!

No problem haha. Whoever did that had to have known it wasn’t real though and still took that clip out of context anyway. I swear some people on this website just constantly look for reasons to hate some people. It’s sad and quite annoying.


Just stopping by to say hi cause Im tired and dont know what else to say sooooo yeaaaaaaahhhhhh. Hahahahahaha maybe this is the worst hack ever. I dont know that one was pretty bad to. I dont know haha good night I love you. Thanks for making me laugh and smile

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So I was talking to my crush today and he asked what lunch I have what does that mean ???

Like probably what period.
At my high school there were 3 different lunch periods 4th 5th or 6th so idk if your school just has one giant lunch period or not haha but it’s that.

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I wish my locker looked like Haley's!!!! It's so cute! My locker is tall and skinny! But I carry my backpack around anyway so I don't really use it! :) High School has been so fun so far! -MnM

haha, me too!! Sorry! I forgot to ask about it!! How was your first week?? Did you make friends? Is it easier than you thought? I’m glad you’re making friends <3

Does anyone else start to low-key care about fandoms that you’re not in, but you see a lot of on your dash

Bc like say there’s a new DMMD episode I find myself thinking "aoba you fucking egg what have you done now" 

meanwhile I’m not even up to date with the fandoms I’m actually in haha who the fuck is Kisumi

[TRANS] 140829 레드벨벳 Red Velvet Interview for Newsen

Many people said we look like puppies. Haha. Of course on the first day we got our hair did it was it felt really weird and we couldn’t get used to it. We thought ‘can we actually debut with our hair like this’ ‘can we get our fans to like us when our hairs look so weird’. Back then the colours were even more brighter and bolder than this. But looking back, now we think that they recognize us more and can tell us apart just by looking at our hair colours and we were able to get more attention for this.

I still can’t believe that we have debuted. We are so grateful and happy for all the love and support we are getting. We are already looking forward to our next comeback. I think we’ll have fun.

"Rather than describing it as anticipation, I think It was good for me because during the 7 years of preparation, I learnt a lot more and could prepare myself to be better. Of course there was a slump but I think I become stronger in mentally while going through this.” (SEULGI)

“To be honest I will be a lie if I said that there was no pressure. But we try not to care because we have our own colours. Instead of worrying about that, we tried to find our own colours because we thought the more we think about that we will be constantly worried about that.” (WENDY)

"Freshness and that we are quite small. If you see celebrities these days they are all tall and have nice bodies but I think we can look more realistic and agreeable in a way.”

“Because there is the colour ‘red’ in our team name, we do have a hidden sexiness. We showed freshness and the smooth side of us this time, so hopefully next time we can show you our ‘red’ side next time.(SEULGI)

Source: Newsen

Translation by: Sue-in @ RVG