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i’m earning two degrees in kinda useless fields and specializing in something that’s even less viable AND have to go to grad school for it haha great i just signed three loan agreements with the government they’re gonna own me for the rest of my life

yO KID WANNA HAVE A USELESS DEGREE FIGHT my major is a foreign language and my minors are linguistics, language research and political science with the focus on eu politics (in my defense my uni forces all foreign language majors who don’t want to become teachers or translators to minor in linguistics and/or language research)

also sorry about the whole government owning your soul thing 

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My friend had the rod and she had her period (lightly) for a couple of weeks which was annoying. But she said it was handy because she didn't have to worry about the pill :)

I’m sick of having to take the pill everyday haha and if I miss a day my period comes and that’s just damn annoying. I hate my period, it’s accompanied by the worst cramps and is a painful sad time for me hahah

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*I glance over at you and frown* He'll be taken cared of, Zayn loves dogs *I say, laughing softly before lacing our fingers* Why don't you take a nap? It'll be a while till we get there? ~Niall xx (Yes just as solid as a rock)

no i’m fine *I smile* i’m too happy to sleep *I blush turning on the radio and turning the song up loud as i sing along* 

(haha yes, me you niall and zayn can all live together ok we can be like two awesome couples like niall and i and you and zayn and ok)

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Motherfucking dye that bitch #yolo your only young once dye it and run into the sunset like haha fuck you government

you know what. YOU’RE RIGHT ANON. I’M GONNA DO THIS SHIT. #NoRagrets

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Nakapag backread ako bigla medyo relate relate. Haha. Ang fc ko lang. Hello po. Thank you :)) good morning :)

Oo nga e. Hehehe salamat din. Puro kadramahan lang yan. Walang magandang maiidudulot. :)

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Hey there! I'm new to this blog, and omg, it's my fave blog since then. You guys probably get this a lot, but how does everything work exactly? With the drabbles, sending/writing imagines etc. i'm not familar with that. Can someone explain? x

No problem, dearie!  Glad you’re enjoying our blog so much!

You submit your ‘imagines’ through the askbox like you sent this question and the drabbles through the submit! All info about the drabbles and max word limit is in the Please Read tab. Imagines are made by Sarah and Kim where they make the text picture for it and then find a suitable gif and I proofread and set up the drabbles.

That’s pretty much it haha.

- Admin Rina

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Hm idea for a candle light supper? Haha I figure I might as well try to do something cute and hopefully it will work

hmmm make her something you know she will love to eat. Keep it simple though. Put down your phone and give her all your attention. It just all depends on what she likes and i could help a bit more. Trust yourself though, just be you and come up with something!