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Years ago I went to church with a Daniel, he was a great guy to hang out with and such. Then when we grew older and went to separate highschools we stopped talking, plus the whole “nah no more religion thanks.” Haha

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Hello there. I think we might get along. And not just because of Zelda as a shared interest. :-) what-filth-holes

Haha yeah message me off anon and we’ll see :p xx

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I envy anyone who knows you in real life because you seem like such a lovely person tbh

Haha, far from it really but thank you :) that does mean a lot. I’m a spaz monkey in person. Much better on here.

my mom forgot to give me money and ms panza probz wont give me any bc she told everyone make sure you bring it and im about to cry dave wouldn’t let us stop back at my house bc we’re already running late (as fucking usual tho???) and i need 30 fucking dollars or i cant go on the trip haha fucking wonderful what a great day to start my morning especially when pms makes it worse!!!!


Deine Url ist schön, du siehst süß aus haha. Dein Blog ist sehr stimmig mit den Post, er gefällt mir aber ich würde nicht viel rebloggen

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do you know why it seems like baekhyun disliked being in the dancing in the rain Musical? Like in the interview with sunny I think he laughed when they talked about it😂

haha really? i don’t think he disliked being in the musical but perhaps he was embarrassed or shy during the interview? ahh i’m really not very sure hahaha!

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Bakit may mga oras na akala natin e naka moved on na tayo pero hindi pa pala?

Kasi naiwan satin yung memories nung tao. Kapag busy tayo, hindi natin naaalala yon. Pero kapag mag isa na tayo, walang ginagawa, lalo na pag dating ng madaling araw, doon bumabalik yung memories niyong dalawa. Tapos nalulungkot ka. Oo, naka move on kana, pero babalik parin sa puntong hindi pa dahil mahal na mahal mo yung taong yon. Pero ang totoo lang, namiss natin yung memories pero hindi na natin mahal yung tao. Kaya torn ka between naka move on kana ba or hindi pa. Gulo diba? Haha. 

Hello, Girls! ☺️ Congratulations on completing your 240 hours, but nonetheless, thank you for the opportunity to have worked with you. Time really go fast when you are enjoying what you’re doing, and I hope that you guys learned something from it. I wish you all the best of everything, on your studies and goals in life. Should you need anything, you know where to find me — at the G/F of… Haha ✌🏼️Kidding! I’ll surely miss you three! And I know you’ll all miss me and my baons, too. 😂

P.S. to my Boss at the back: Please find me OJT’s as cool as the minions. xo ☺️💐

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(Saved to drafts last year...)2014 To Do List!
  1. Go to Glastonbury (& maybe The Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair & In The Woods) - I did volunteer with Festaff at Kendal Calling which was amazing and everyone should go. Set in the beautiful Lake District and the atmosphere is so friendly.
  2. Do something for charity - donated some money to various charities
  3. Graduate - with a 2.1, yaaaaay 
  4. Finish my dissertation - also with a 2.1.. somehow!!
  5. Improve my sewing skills so I can make my own clothes - ha haha not really.. oh well.
  6. See the Arctic Monkeys - someday..
  7. Work/Volunteer abroad - teaching at a school in Thailand and volunteering at a permaculture farming project in Laos
  8. Work/Volunteer in Thailand & improve my Thai - as above, and I think I did a little!
  9. Go to my uni’s Summer Ball - lots of fun!

I actually forgot all about this list!

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Coconut oil girl again! Haha I just meant like do you need to wash it off in the shower after applying it to your skin and hair or do you just use a small amount and leave it?

If it’s on my face I just leave it, if it’s my hair I’ll wash it out the next day! x

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90-100! XD

90. What makes you angry? Shitty drivers

91. Do you like your own name? Yeah, it’s awesome. It means star

92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they? Haha yeah, Rose would be an awesome name for a daughter or Jack for a son

93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child? Um both tbh haha

94. What are you strengths? I’m great at procrastinating

95. What are your weaknesses? I’m great at procrastinating

96. How did you get your name? Mum & Dad found it in a book and really liked it :)

97. Were your ancestors royalty? Yes! I’m a descendant of a Maori Princess 

98. Do you have any scars? On my chin from when I came off my bike when I was 14

99. Color of your bedspread? Champagne

100. Color of your room? Idk, like a creamy colour

I haven’t written about my life in forever, so I’m not really even sure where I am supposed to start. Soooo….

  • classes will start two weeks from now. I hope this is is going to be my last year in college cos I can wait to graduate
  • my nephew is going home this Monday and we’re going to miss him so bad
  • dad will have a trip to Batangas for three days and here I am wishing I could ask if I can go with him so I can have a surprise visit to my boyfriend Paul
  • um what else. it surprise me how fast the internet is rn
  • im currently watching Glee s6 and omfg Santana is still hot as ever
  • britain’s got talent disappointed me yesterday cos im rooting for Revelation Avenue and they didn’t make it to finals. fck Simon! haha
  • i wish Amanda would get eliminated on Asia’s next top model s2. i like her but i don’t like her
  • got addicted of the song see you again from the movie fast 7
  • got inspired to go to a law school because of the movie i watched this afternoon on lifetime channel, but i don’t think i can do it, so nvm
  • been working to get a gorgeous body again
  • it surprised me how delicious i can cook sinigang
  • i’m still scared of being in the dark
  • new books are coming tomorrow
  • still wishing for an iphone