Had to snag the pic..haha the #FritoLay truck lurkin in the parking lot.
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my-7-minutes-in-color 質問:

Hmm.. Ich bin mir sicher das wird wieder, jeder hat mal einen schlechten Tag, in letzter Zeit sind viele Leute wegen dieser Flugzeug-sache ziemlich bedrückt. Aber hey, denk an die positiven Sachen, wie zum Beispiel das DotD in 4 Tagen offiziell rauskommt oder daran, dass es (sehr) langsam wieder warm und schön wird! Das sind beides ziemlich coole Dinge wenn man länger drüber nachdenkt. Außerdem ist Wochenende, das heißt (vermutlich/hoffentlich) AUSSCHLAFEN! yay schlafen! c:

Aber Ausschlafen nur, weil ich morgen nicht zu meiner Freundin soll, sie will mir mit ihrer schlechten Laune nicht zur Last fallen … eigentlich vernünftig, aber doof. :c

Great David article. haha looks like he’s back to saying that him and Gillian have an ‘email’ relationship. Oh David. You always keep us on our toes. He seems happy about the reboot and excited. Can’t wait for them to be back in Vancouver. Oh nostalgia. 

匿名 質問:

reply- "lmao at camila saying she remember them to people she's never met before" >> lol why does this matter haha sometimes people look similar to other people. random people always ask me if theyve met me before just because i have a familiar face. honey you're reaching to find something to ridicule camila about


haven’t drawn that many pokémons before… :D I don’t know how eevee anatomy should look like haha. I love how flareon’s face turned out, idk if it looks too much like a regular dog’s though. 

I still want to draw at least jolteon and umbreon… maybe sylveon too… all the eeveelutions are so cute sdghfg

xjaylovex0 質問:

It's all good! I'm from washington :) Hehehe what are you gonna do today? :)

Well, I actually help my mom with raising my nephew he’s six years old so I’m probably just going to chill with him and his little friend a little later :) haha I always feel like I’m such a boring person :( I never really have anything interesting to say when people ask me what I’m doing lol

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Don't mean to sound pushy sorry but this one is urgent, I need help choosing an outfit for my mum's mexican themed dinner, what would perrie wear for it? It needs to look "mexican-ish" but still articles of clothing I'd probably have of that makes sense? haha, thank you love! :)

Don’t do perrie outfits anymore babe, sorry :s x