The robot that wants to fit in… ⚡️ (W/ Thomas Sanders & Joner-Strokes)


fancyfade replied to your post:ugh, not sure how to tell my parents that it is…

yuck that sucks. unfortunately i can’t think of any ways to say it semi diplomatically (idk if that’s what ur going for or not)

yeah, more or less. it’s just… really weird? like i have numerous issues with my parents but this is one i did not foresee having to deal with. probably i’ll wait to see how the next card comes addressed and hopefully it is more… equitably written?… so i can assume this was a one-off instance of weird absentmindedness or something. then i’ll only have to continue ignoring the passive-aggressive religiosity of the messages in the cards, haha.


Me and @cychey just being crazy/weirdos haha

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I like how you tag your star sign on the horoscope things. I always read yours as well as mine. It's interesting.

haha i started doing that because i read a post where someone was complaining about people retweeting without putting their star sign and i thought hey thats actually a really good idea. oh wow thats pretty cool i try to remember other peoples star signs but i forget a lot haha

Okay, so apparently the secret to tricking me into drawing you is to dye your hair blue. This is becoming a trend.

…Ummmm I felt like drawing regeneratenow ……I like drawing cute humans as a warm up haha…. and Ida is the sweetest lil thing with the cutest, rosiest cheeks I’ve ever sen in my life and BLUE HAIR.


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pastime and dream

Pastime: Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered.
1) I really like dressing up like a lot lmao
2) I eat chocolate ice cream with red bell peppers because it’s really good like does this count as a hobby lmao
3) I like drawing shitty comics that only I laugh at
Dream: Three wishes I have.
1) to become someone who everyone looks up to
2) def beat my depression
3) convince kids I’m a rock star haha~
Thanks for asking! :D

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bruh don't apologize i'm actually honored you're comfortable enough saying this much to my question!! i've had a hard time w my gender identity for most of my life but i've been finding some peace too, esp understanding that liking stuff categorized for 'girls' or 'boys' doesn't invalidate my identity; those classifications are culturally variant and patriarchally designated like there's no one way to be a dude or chick or nb, ya feel? also i found out we have mutual friends and that's rad af

haha in the end i got kinda nervous writing that much but it felt nice to get shit off my shoulders and put it out there even if only temporary. but yeah, long story short, living in this flesh suit resulted in a lot of self damaging behavior and weird ways of trying to project and forcibly see myself in a better light vs. accepting and working more in reality to cope and move forward. if u ever see me around again say hi!