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Listen, Listen, Linda! 

haha lol this kid reminds me of grayson sooo much! “Listen, Listen, Leigh, Honey, Listen!” 

I agree with Linda in this video. I’m the mom, and I’m the adult. These kids don’t run the show. Nope. Turn 18 and that’s a different story. But til then, my rules, kiddos. haha. But seriously, where did these kids learn to get so sneaky?! Nickelodeon? Sesame Street? Maybe i should watch those shows because that’s what I’m suspecting. Dora the Explorer, more like Dora the Sass-plorer, right? hhaaha :)

anonymous said:

Hey Kacie! It's the study abroad anon again!:) Those were fantastic tips and I've been looking at flight prices for hours because of ryanair haha. But I was wondering: would you suggest mostly sticking to my host city/country for weekends and then taking advantage of the longer European breaks (spring and easter holidays and such) for traveling to other countries and the like? PS you inspired me to go to Dublin for St Pattys!!

Hi hi! I think that’s a GREAT idea. The occasional weekend getaway is nice, but weekends are also a good time to explore your host city/country and get to know your fellow study abroad or French paaaals. Then take a massive Euro trip over Easter holiday and do it big! That was my exact plan and I think it was a great balance of both—I did do a few weekend trips to Norway, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but I mostly saved the big, out-of-the way travel for the holiday. That way you will also have more time to explore those places and save money by not jetting back and forth to France all the time. 

GO TO DUBLIN FOR PADDY’S DAY! I honestly think that may have been my favorite life moment in the history of ever, I’m not sure I have ever been that blissfully happy :) Drink lots and lots of Guinness for me x

*drunk guy spills drink on girls head*
Drunk guy: haha I just sterilized your face
*girl knees drunk guy in the crotch*

anonymous said:

Well shit, im the biggest lovey dovey romantic ever. I wish i had known you were, thats so cute

Oh yeah haha. I just don’t show that I’m into romance and stuff all that much cause I mean, why would I lol. It’s meant for someone I like and stuff and whoever that is will get to see my romantic side and yeahhhh

bewaretheglowcloud said:

Hey, there. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're incredible, and even though things are super sucky rn, they will improve. You just have to keep fighting, okay? I'm proud of you for everything you've been through so far, and I just want you to know that I'm here for you if you ever need it. You're so talented, kind, and pretty, and I look up to you in so many ways. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope things start to look up for you soon. You deserve wonderful things.


thank you so much ily so much!

You guys are truly a blessing in my life, i love you all so much thank you all for caring this much about me <3

I’m gonna cry haha thank you, there’s seriously not enough words in all dictionaries to express my gratitude!


yoo!!! friend that has my irl friends name haha, but ok actually one of my first few friends on tumblr? i didn’t start making many until like winter or something but omg im so glad i messaged you!!! we totally need to talk more  now omggg, but yes i love our convos I LOVED THE LAST ONE WE HAD!!! THE ONE WITH THE TRAINS? that was the best man B). but yee i love ur hcs too!!! just ur a great person and friend!!! im so glad we’re friends!!

Just saw two kiss from my geology class at Panera studying and I said hi and like made small talk
And they literally just look at me like why the fuck are you talking to is outside of class
This is my life guys. Everyone knows I suck haha

wow someone asked me to hang out tonight but i think they might have forgotten about me but im too passive to text/call them about it!!! haha!! 

tag meme

I just saw this! I’m so sorry!

I was tagged by cloisofsteel.

1. your ricorrent dream.

I don’t particularly have one, but when I was in high school, I had a dream that my male friend and I got together & then I overpowered him. Yeah.

2. your fave city.

New York City. Really. I don’t have many other words to say because none of them will explain how much I feel about that place.

3. something of inexpected for you

Hmm… it’s unexpected of me to drive on the freeway. Or drive for more than 25 consecutive minutes. I drove a long way to one of those selective theaters only movies this summer, and that might have been my proudest moment.

4. your favourite blog.

MINE! Haha, no, I’m kidding. I’m a huge Buffy fan, so a lot of those. Too many to name.

5. your favorite charachter for fils, books….

My favorite fictional character of all time is Ron Weasley, but Lois Lane is a close second.

6. the worst series of all times.

Twilight, probably. I refuse to acknowledge that 50 Shades of Grey is a thing/lump it in with Twilight. Because come on.

7. a series that you dont’t like but watch evenly?

I started to hate Dawson’s Creek toward the end but kept with it anyway. Because of Pacey Witter.

8. a aong that describe your life.

Haha… I don’t know. “Extraordinary Girl” by Green Day, how about?

9. what do you do when you are very happy?

Dance around. Laugh a lot. Tell my mom. :)

My Questions

1. Learn how to speak all languages or learn how to play all instruments?

2. What grade in school did you like the least?

3. Have you ever met anybody from one of your fandoms? (Celebrities, I mean… but other fans totally count!)

4. What are your top three fandoms?

5. How would you feel about a Harry Potter themed incorrect quote week in October?

6. What’s your favorite color of M&M?

7. Who have you seen in concert?

8. Do you know what your first word was?

9. You can have all the powers of Superman for a year, but you can only have one sexual partner for the rest of your life. Do you do it? (In case no one knows, this is a 30 Rock reference.)

10. What’s an embarrassing elementary school moment you’ve got stored in your memory? (Mine is that in fourth grade, my best friend wrote who I had a crush on all over the blacktop. She’s still my best friend. Also, in fourth grade, my best friend and I hid from Santa at the Christmas Craft Workshop, and people thought we were crazed. Gosh, I love my best friend.)

11. Do you write? How seriously?

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My cousin asked me why we bother going to school. I told her its because our parents arent rich. She agreed with the most understanding look on her face. Shes 10.

Im so done with myself.