I did a Sailor Venus cosplay test!

My makeup was terrible but thankfully you can’t really see it in this picture so my eyes don’t look TOO bad, haha. Hopefully it’ll be much better next time. I need to make a bigger hair bow for sure but otherwise I don’t think the wig looks bad! What do you guys think? And should I cut the bangs? I can’t decide, hmm…

We ain’t seen Jim in a while.

I think I know where his story is going to go (beyond all that happens with Jacky) and I want to be excited about that but I’m too tired right now haha

He’s a gruff fella and not terribly good friend material, I was afraid I would spoil that and make him too soft, but I think I’ve got it worked out.

tips for flying with anxiety?

i am kind of okay when i get up in the air it’s just mostly the waiting at the airport and take off that scares the crap out of me. i freak myself out so much then i can’t even breathe properly which scares me even more so i start freaking out that i can’t breathe haha it’s terrible. it’s not very fun being 35,000ft in the air and worrying about everything. 
we’re flying chicago-la, la-sfo, sfo-seattle, seattle-detroit, detroit-buffalo so yeah that’s a lot of flying. last year when i went to the west coast for the first time it was my first longer flight and by the second flight i actually enjoyed flying but since it’s been a whole year i’m nervous all over again and the news is not helping with this. 

i know i could google but i like hearing your guys opinions! 

So I’m about to start treatments for InvisAlign to get my janky teeth straightened out. I (supposedly) have a pretty good discount from the insurance plan I’m under this year so now’s the time to do it I guess.

Had to have the molds of my teeth made today, and making the top mold triggered my gag reflex, causing a scene and making me feel all embarrassed lol. More importantly though it made me realize that I would be terrible at sucking dick haha. Sorry gay community, I’m not your guy LOL


from twitter: “fear and loathing in las vegas au where your otp are a journalist duo that spend $50k w/o authorization over the course of a week in vegas”


They say it’s what you make,
I say it’s up to fate.

It's woven in my soul;
I need to let you go.