Who told Mizuki Sei can’t fight? Φ-Φ //and who thought Sei would fight fairly? 8D
//sry I just couldn’t get the idea of Sei throwing his skirt out of my head don’t judge me——-  ಠ-ಠ  

I think all my commissioners have witnessed the horror of my hilariously horrible prototype sketches LMAOOOO  this was drawn in the 3hs record time during one morning a couple days ago where I just woke up at 6am and thought “MIZUSEI FIGHTING AND SKIRT NINJA ATTACK”- =͟͟͞͞ ( •̀౪•́)و✧

In which Danny and Vlad give each other shirts from the same store.

I am cleaning out my WIP folder and tbh I think I had started this back in October and just forgot about it haha.

In the meantime enjoy these nerds! :>


Who put that rock in your chest won’t you tell me? If I said I wished you the best I was lying.

not my photos,credits to owners