So I noticed something on my rewatch of the premiere last night. The scene in the woods, when Elsa finds the diary and runs away from Anna and she’s by herself. You can see how upset she is, the snowflakes are swirling around her and she’s clearly in emotional turmoil. Then Anna shows up, kneels down at her side and once Elsa looks her beloved sister in the eyes and focuses on that — it calms her. The snowflakes disappear and she regains control.

THIS is what I think is going to happen with Hook & Emma re: Emma’s magic. It’s not that I think Emma’s magic is going to go bonkers b/c he’s in her vicinity. I think her fear of it, and her fear of hurting others is going to make it flip out. And what happens when Emma is scared or unsure of herself? Who has been known to build her up and help her through those moments? Who has been present for almost every single occurrence of Emma using magic and has been her biggest champion in that regard?ย Hook.

They made a point to have him say he saw what she did to Cora all while telling her how powerful he knows she is. He was there in Neverland when he told her that he’s yet to see her fail and directly afterwards she saved them from the shadows. Her feelings for him are what helped her conjure the flame. He was there in 3x19 when she saved Henry from Zelena. He was there in the past when he helped pull those emotions out of her that allowed her to use the wand and send them home. He was there in the premiere, telling her that she CAN do this. Hell, he was supposed to be the one that helped her get the map in Neverland to work but they gave that to Snow. And while we’re on THAT subject, when everyone was trying to help Emma figure out who she really is in an effort to get the map to work, even her own parents jumped right to her admitting she was the savior, thinking that’s what her identity is. But it was revealed that her true self, how she really feels and see herself, is just who Hook told her she was after knowing her for barely half a day.

I think she’s going to find that Hook is her anchor. Her emotional center. She constantly seeks out his opinion and comfort and reassurance. She relies on him just like Elsa relies on Anna. Emma will learn to control her magic on her own, but I absolutely believe Hook will be to Emma what Anna is to Elsa — a calm in the storm. When no one can get through to her, it will be him that does so. Just like when she stormed out of the diner in the finale, he was the one everyone sent to talk to her. Just like he was the one that absolutely had to go after her in NYC b/c no one else would have been able to convince her to drink that potion.

And THAT is what I called a “remarkable” story. :)

(And P.S. — I also think some of Emma’s childhood fears are going to be a fear of loss of those she loves - which will ultimately make her magic flip out even more. She’s got so much to lose now, she’s afraid of it b/c she lost Graham, she lost Neal several times and she lost her families. Just like Elsa didn’t want Anna to go on that trip to the EF — Elsa was afraid she’d lose Anna just like she lost her parents. I really expect that to apply to Emma this season as well and will be one of the reasons they bond and also one of the reasons she’s scared to open herself up fully to Hook.)