the only thing i’ve decided is that when i get married a month before the nikkah i’m gonna post the song humari shaadi main abhi baaqi hain hafte chaar on her fb wall 

Jeg eeeelsker læder! Og endelig kan man få en smartphone med lædercover! Den ser fantastisk ud. Fremadskuende design - og retro samtidigt. Hvis Steve McQueen havde haft en telefon…..Glæder mig til at teste kameraet, “grip” i hånden, hvor fluid den viser video, 4G og meget andet…


Har haft världens bästa helg hos kusin Felicia o hennes roomie Evelina. Asså bäst är dom vaaa. Nu sitter jag på tåget hem igen 😩 vill inte. Älskar UÅ. Ska flytta dit

Stone-Tipped Spears Used Much Earlier Than Thought, Say Researchers

A University of Toronto-led team of anthropologists has found evidence that human ancestors used stone-tipped weapons for hunting 500,000 years ago - 200,000 years earlier than previously thought.

“This changes the way we think about early human adaptations and capacities before the origin of our own species,” says Jayne Wilkins, a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto and lead author of a new study in Science. “Although both Neandertals and humans used stone-tipped spears, this is the first evidence that the technology originated prior to or near the divergence of these two species,” says Wilkins.

Attaching stone points to spears – known as ‘hafting’ – was an important advance in hunting weaponry for early humans. Read more.

Cut from 16ga. welding steel. Hafted to bamboo with a new wrapping technique I learned, back serving- not sure that’s what it’s called in this context, but that’s all I know to call it from where I learned.

Pity I can’t very well use this on my targets without having to spend ten minutes digging it out. Also, in most states, barbed angles like these are illegal for hunting. I guess I’ll just shoot it inti a tree and see what happens :-P

Experimental quartz core-axe hafted in split wooden haft and fixed with bindings; b) detail of a; c) experimental quartz core-axe hafted in a wrap-around wooden handle.

“A detailed microwear study was performed on several assemblages from Northeast Africa to provide an anthropological scenario of late middle and upper Pleistocene populations in the Nile Valley and adjacent zones. Results are presented from the wear analysis of five sites, and an interpretation is provided of the keystones of MSA behaviour and its evolution throughout about 150,000 years. Locally available raw materials were predominantly used. Different tool uses were identified based on wear evidence, and it was demonstrated that stone tools were hafted from at least the early MSA onwards. In particular stone tools for which hafting was a necessity for their use, such as percussion implements and projectiles, were hafted. Both tool functions remain important throughout the Middle Stone Age. For tools with other uses, such as knives, hafting was demonstrated in certain cases. Hafting proved to be integrated into the stone tool production process, indicating a certain degree of anticipation and planning. Ochre was present at most of the sites in different forms, and mainly seems to have served a utilitarian function, and a possible symbolic use. The included sites could be interpreted as specialised sites, and in all but one case were situated in a production context. The evidence indicates the existence of a regional settlement system with different logistic nodes." 

  • Rots, V., Van Peer, P. and Vermeersch, P.M. 2011. "Aspects of tool production, use and hafting in Palaeolithic assemblages from Northeast Africa,” Journal of Human Evolution 60(5): 637-664.

Molecular evidence of bitumen in the Mousterian lithic assemblage of Hummal (Central Syria)

“Evidence for bitumen use in Middle Palaeolithic sites is an exception in Pleistocene archaeology. This paper presents the discovery of three tar-bearing Levallois artefacts found in the Mousterian sequence in Hummal (Central Syria). The organic residues were submitted to geochemical study. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses of saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons and isotopic data show the presence of bitumen. The most likely location of natural asphalt provisioning is the Shaaf outcrop in the Bichri desert. The bitumen-bearing stone tools add further important data to the growing knowledge about bitumen processing in the Middle Palaeolithic spring sites of El Kowm. Identification of the provisioning place for natural asphalt enables a more precise assumption about the site’s catchment area. From a technological point of view, the tar-bearing specimens provide information on the range of tool forms selected for hafting. Ballistic features arguably indicate that the pointed Levallois blanks seem to be spear points that were fitted to a wooden handle. In at least one case, this technical procedure was seemingly executed during a brief episode of occupation and replacement of worn out implements. This small, bracketed window of detailed insight into Mousterian technology is linked with the more general relationship between Levallois technology and stone tool hafting” (read more/not open access).

(Source: Journal of Archaeological Science, in press 2013)

Ein Beitrag der Antifa Ak Cologne

Unser Genosse FEDE (Federico “Fede” Annibale) sitzt mitlerweile, seit mehr als einem Monat, in Preungesheim in Frankfurt im Knast.
Er wurde am 18. März während des Aktionstag gegen die EZB-Eröffnung in Frankfurt festgenommen und am nächsten Tag in Untersuchungshaft gesteckt. Die Staatsanwaltschaft wirft ihm die Beteiligung an Aktionen vor, betrachtet dies als “schweren Landfriedensbruch” und “versuchte gefährliche Körperverletzung”. Die U-Haft wurde damit begründet, dass “Fluchtgefahr” bestehe, weil Fede keinen Wohnsitz in Deutschland hat.

Free Fede! Fede libero! Freiheit für Fede und alle politischen Gefangenen!

“Shut up”

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“Is that what you’re wearing?” Is the first thing you hear when Calum walks in your apartment, “What the hell is that supposed to mean,” You answer him, slightly offended, “Nothing babe, you look beautiful, it’s just… You’re outfit is a little…Loud. Don’t you think?”. “Shut up, Cal. We’re going to Coachella, not to meet the freaking Queen,” You sassed your clueless boyfriend, “It’s not my fault you wear the same 3 shirts over and over, some  of us have a fashion sense, Hood,”. “Okay, Okay, damn babe, sorry for asking. You look great; let’s hit the road, flower child,”

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Young And Stupid

Havok smirked as he hopped the castles outer wall. He had been sneaking out for the last two and a haft years. The sixteen year old had been caught once or twice, not that it mattered much to him.

Moving trough the trees he headed for the meeting place. He knew Hatter would be there. Hatter was always there.

Första inlägget

Jag har börjat läsa en bok som heter “Sommaren jag blev vacker”, av Jenny Han. Boken är ursprungligen engelsk, då författaren kommer ifrån och bor i Brooklyn, New York. Jag läste också någonstans ifrån att hon tagit examen i kreativt skrivande, vilket visas tydligt i hennes tre böcker. Men numera jobbar hon däremot i ett skolbibliotek, så hon har alltså inte valt att ha författarrollen som ett yrke.

Jag har verkligen fallit för den här boken, det är som att den har haft en dragningskraft och gjort att jag inte velat lägga ner den. Jag tror att det beror mycket på att man verkligen får känna huvudkaraktären Belly, eller Isabells känslor. Läsa hur hon resonerar och allt glatt och hemskt som händer runt omkring henne hela tiden.

Boken handlar iallafall då om Belly som varje sommar åker till Susannahs sommarhus. Susannah är hennes mammas barndomsvän. Här finns det också tre killar, en av dem är Bellys bror, Steven. Och dem andra två är Susannahs söner, Conrad och Jeremiah.
Men den här sommaren är speciell, det är något som händer. Och det får man reda på redan i dem första sidorna när dem anländer till sommarhuset. Det här är ett citat jag tagit ifrån när dem är framme och kliver ut ur bilen: “Jag skrattade. "Släpp ner mig”, sa jag. “Du luktar svett.” Jeremiah skrattade högt. “Typiskt Belly”, sa han, men han tittade på mig som om han inte riktigt var säker på vem jag var. Han la huvudet på sned och sa: “Det är något som är annorlunda med dig.”.
Och även: “Allting var som förr, men ändå inte. De hade tittat på mig som om jag var en tjej. Inte bara någons lillasyster.”.

Mer än så avslöjar jag inte nu.