Dear Lii,

Hey now, the Shiva sisters might not go along with that idea but I won’t let any fan of mine feel the heat.

Head over to Lebreau’s cafe by the beach and tell her I sent ya. She’ll set ya up with some nice cool drinks and a great spot overlooking the sea.


Dear Lii,

‘Course we do. They’re some might large spiders roaming the lands as big as moutains, with poisonous fangs that’ll kill ya in mere moments. There’s no saving ya if they go after ya, all ya can do is say goodbye.

And they like ta target bad lil boys an’ girls so be good ya hear?


Oerba Yun Fang

Dear Haerirenlii,

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that kind of drink…it certainly doesn’t sound like it’d be very popular around here. People are a bit afraid of those made-up monsters, y'know. So even if you manage to find me a recipe, I can’t give ya any. I wouldn’t want to spread panic around here, y'know?