To dearest precious 이동해, Aiden, Donghai, Lee Donghaek, Baobei Lee Donghae— I hope you don’t mind me using your favorite name for us to yourself ;p

Like the year before and the year before that, here I am writing you a letter. I’m not exactly good with words, stumbling with where should I begin. 

Between this letter and the last letter I wrote you, there had been occurrences of me meeting you again. I know I am not lucky enough to see you everyday, which is why I am really grateful of those few moment seeing you again. They were just times when I watched you from my spot on the concerts, or when I saw you from afar walking, but there was one time when I felt really thankful because I received your smile again. 

I am just a fan among millions of your other fans. You don’t know me, my face or even my name, you probably don’t even remember you have given me a smile. But that’s okay, I don’t mind that. Because what’s important to me is to see you smile. Have I mentioned just how beautiful is your smile? Have I repeated myself saying it enough? I don’t think I will ever get bored saying it. And if I am given the chance, I wish I can say it directly to you, for you to hear it yourself.

Again, I want to say thank you for everything you have done to me. For always being the strength and never ending inspiration and motivation. For striving me to become a better person from what I am now. For being the example for me to keep pursuing my dreams. It’s amazing how you, a person I don’t even know personally, can influence me in so many ways. I love you and through the distance that separates us, I will keep loving you every single day. There has never been an instance that I regretted loving you. 

I don’t want this to turn angsty, so let me tell you what. First, you need to make me a promise that you will smile everyday, okay? Then please take care of yourself, stay healthy, and always be happy. Never give up on chasing something you want, though I doubt that would come from you since I have faith ;3 When you are feeling lonely, remember you need to tell us ELF! We are everywhere and ready to go all out for you. You are never alone :) 

The rest is a bit silly, but I need to say it hehe. Please stop working out your arms :< They are getting bigger again. Too buffy doesn’t mean so handsome ;A; And please don’t torture Hyukjae by emptying his wallet and depriving him of his own clothes. Just kidding haha, if he lets you, of course you can do it. Also, you need to give discounts for your tacos and your mugs! They are priceeeey oAo XD

I pray for your success and will always watch you. I promise you, nothing will let me stop loving you. Not even when your time for duty is coming, I promise I will wait for you and continue supporting you.

Lastly. I miss you so much. I can’t wait for the time to see you again this month ;u;

Happy Birthday!