If I ever wrote an urban fantasy this is how I would introduce magic.

It was cold night, John Smith, a totally normal guy in all respects, pulled out a cigarette from his pack. He patted his pockets and cursed under his breath, he had left his lighter at home.

'Excuse me mate, you got a light?' He asked a man walking beside him.

The man nodded, ‘yeah sure man, gimmie a second.’

The man pulled out a small pin from his pocket as John watched curiously, wondering why he always got the weirdos. The man pricked his finger, a tiny bauble of blood appearing on the end. He clicked his fingers and a small flame burst into light.

'Here you go.' He smiled, lighting John's fag from the flickering flame.

John just stared.

The man watched him, pursing his lips  before staring at his own flaming digit.

'Oh fuck.' He began, as John started screaming.

'No fuck, please don't scream, I was just at a meeting, and forgot not everyone knows about this, oh my god stop.' He begged.

John smith threw down his burning cigarette and sprinted off into the darkness.

'Bugger.' Muttered the man, casually puffing out the flame with a breath.

130117 Fan Account: I ordered at Mobit and was waiting for my order to come out when Jongjin looked at my padding jacket and asked if it was Super Junior padding jacket. I replied "yes I bought it at multisung" and He said "Oh that's why Shindong Hyung gave me one.." Donghae's mother and brother looked around in the 2nd floor and left and the mothers said they went to 4 o'clock performance of The Promise and met Yesung in the waiting room. Mothers said Yesung did not dye his hair again, the picture just looks shaded. [s__jr13 | trans NKsubs]