One Fine Day (Night)

The minute Eunhyuk and Donghae sit in the train on their way to Bern, Eunhyuk is equally bored and tired, which is never a good mix for the idol. He sits in his seat and tries to recline in a comfortable position, but his attention is drawn to Donghae sitting across from him. He notices his eyes are shut as he takes a small nap.

Eunhyuk grins.

He removes his shoes and lifts his foot as subtly as he can to place his foot in between Donghae’s legs.

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Super Junior D&E: At the Hotel

-A comic inspired by Donghae and Eunhyuk’s interview for Nylon

Art by me (aka noirkat)

(a/n: My second eunhae comic, and first comic to be done completely digital, from rough sketches to finishing. I thought it was pretty cute how Hae tries to make a hotel room like his own bedroom. Also some practice with making a proper comic, compared to little doodles I make in sketchbooks.)

Donghae can’t do fanservice properly because he likes Hyukjae

You can see moments within the fanservice where Donghae honestly likes Eunhyuk (that weren’t part of the act). For example, in the following clip.

start at 0:33

First, Siwon seems to enjoy doing this fanservice more than Donghae.

Notice Siwon pulling himself real close to Donghae below the waist and gently holding his back. But Donghae just stands still and closes his eyes like he wants this part to be over… his arm is hanging awkwardly in the air instead of putting it around siwon like Siwon does to him.

0:45 when Eunhyuk comes and lift’s Siwon’s shirt, Donghae quickly gets up to pull Eunhyuk’s hands off Siwon like he’s jealous (i don’t think this was part of the fanservice)

0:48 then Donghae smiles at Eunhyuk and it seems like a genuine smile. and i’m sure he wasn’t smiling at Siwon because when Siwon walks away, Donghae’s eyes stays on Eunhyuk and doesn’t turn away to Siwon.

▶ 0:50 at the end, Donghae laughs and puts his hand over his face like he’s disappointed/embarrassed that Eunhyuk would try to touch Siwon like that in front of him.

So even though the fanservice act was suppose to be about how Eunhyuk doesn’t want to share Donghae with Siwon, i think it really ended up showing how Donghae doesn’t want to share Eunhyuk with Siwon.

source: allkpop  cr: kremlindust


eunhae l it takes a little patience
for mother’s day i provide you with this haha


EunHae - Happy Together

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