China the next leading economy?

Welcome to my blog guys!

I’ve never written a blog before and i can tell you it’s hard to begin. So let me begin by introducing myself…..

My name is Arlanco van Haeften and I’m 21 years old. This is my fourth year of Commercial Economics in Amsterdam, and the reason why i write this blog. I just bought a Playstation 3 so i have better thing to do than blog, but well… it has to be done. Alright, let’s start.

This week my blog is about Emerging Markets and a video related to this subject. The link to this video is right here —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1dDIrOCbUo&feature=related 

What if China collected on U.S dept? And why don’t they?

I’m not a professional economic so it’s just guessing for me. But what I think why China doesn’t collect on U.S dept is because they want to keep their position in the world economy. Why change a winning formula? China’s unique selling point is their cheap production in large quantities, and they want to keep this position in the world. If China would change their U.S dollars to Yuan (Chinese currency), the Yuan will increase in value. Inflation would make the Chinese products cost more for the rest of the world, and they would their ‘cheep’ advantage.

But is this all ethical? Chinese children go to class with their winter jackets on, because the school doesn’t have central heating. Millions of Chinese people live in great poverty, and China has 798.9 billion U.S dollar they just don’t use???

Whether they want a leading position in the world or not, I don’t think their ready for it. China has to take responsibility for its own people and take care of it, before thinking of a leading position in the world. But I guess China likes its position in the world right now, and I don’t think this will change in a couple of years.

Hopefully I’m right in the last bit and China won’t be a leading economy in the next few years, because I don’t feel like learning Chinese I rather play on my Playstation……

Today is the 69th anniversary for the execution of the Valkyrie Conspirators.

21st July 1944.

Once their fellow conspirator, General Fromm ordered their execution, trying to have save himself from association.

“In the name of Führer a court martial convened by me has pronounced sentence: Colonel von Mertz, General Olbricht, the Colonel whose name I will not mention, and Lieutenant von Haeften are condemned to death”.

Stauffenberg spoke out and took sole responsibility for the entire operation, saying that the other men had simply acted out his orders.

(Pictured; Colonel Stauffenberg)

This however would not save them.

Ludwig Beck, a highly respected former General was granted the option of suicide.

His first attempt only severely injured him, and by order of General Fromm he was shot in the back of the neck by a staff officer.

The remaining men were escorted out into a courtyard where a firing squad awaited them. One by one the men were led in front of a heap of sandy earth excavated during construction work in the courtyard and vehicle lights illuminated them.

The first to be shot was General Olbricht.

(Pictured; General Olbricht)

Next was Colonel Stauffenberg, who shouted “Long live holy Germany.” But as the squad positioned their guns Haeften broke away and stood in front his Colonel and was shot dead.

(pictured; Lieutenant von Haeften)
Colonel Stauffenberg was then shot dead, followed by Colonel Mertz.

It was 12:30am.

General Fromm did not escape from prosecution for his involvement and his obvious cover up, he was arrested and later sentenced to death.

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