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What's something tumblr does that upsets you?

Tumblr is very all inclusive and sensitive to the point where it’s really annoying.

Hear me out.

I’m all good for people being trans and homosexual, but people are not plants, that’s weird, you’re not plant-kin or chair-kin you are human kin.

I’ve had people ask me to add trigger warnings to really weird shit, like one I remember was “plant gore”

The over use of trigger warnings is really annoying because it gets to the point where nobody puts them and it becomes a joke. Tigers are things that remind you of a tragic past, things that can cause ptsd or relapse. Not something that makes you a bit uneasy. I understand the point of them and I’ll use them for what they were meant for but I’m not going to do it for stupid shit cause you think you are a plant. Real life comes with no trigger warnings and people need to learn that.

Also people on tumblr can be really lazy when it comes to social change, yet they want it overnight and never want to put in the work to get said change. They sit rebloging stuff all day but never go out and talk or be a real world activist, they’re just arm chair activist.

On top of that I’ve seen people be really rude when people do things like misgender them without malice. Like misgendering is fucked up but “they/them” and the acceptance of transgenders is a really new idea, you can’t expect everyone to understand or be onboard with it, especially outside of tumblr where many haven’t been exposed to it yet. And when people who go off on the people at the McDonald’s drive though are they are called sir instead of “zir, or whatever pronoun you made up” on accident and without malice, then go home and complain that the average person doesn’t understand these extremely new social concepts, make social activism on this site something that is hard to be be taken seriously by those on the outside.


       “———Okay, so I know this one isn’t
                my fault this time.”

               ❛ ——— all right.  i’ll take the credit JUST THIS ONCE. ❜

                              ❛ but d’you mind answering me one
                                 q u e s t i o n, sunshine? ❜

The United States Congress:

One of the few jobs in the world that will rehire you again and again and again for failing to fulfill your duties.

(I mean, at least failure presidents can only be rehired ONCE)

The Accidental Server and other really short stories

It has been insane at my restaurant (also a sports bar, it’s both and has a dining room and bar area…so don’t get confused when I call it one or the other) the past few days.


Friday was crazy. We started slowly. I sat a party of 10 in the bar, then the dining room and bar area filled quickly. Then the party of 10 was infected with industrial grade stupid.

They had six more people arrive - making the table a 16 top. Then they got mad at me when there was no other table available to add to it. They told me to get them another table. I had no other table to add. Every damn table was taken.

They started bitching me out for poor service. I apologized for not somehow knowing they were going to have a party of 16 despite them telling me there would be 10 of them. 

Then they got a manager and told them that I was rude. I asked the manager - since I was still getting my ass chewed by these stupid assholes - how I was supposed to know there would be six more people. Then I told these dipshits that next time they come if they give an accurate count of how many there would be in their party I could give them adequate seating. Then, despite the pleading look in my manager’s eyes, I asked them if they wanted to stay at the smaller table they got or wait for more appropriate seating to open up. They made it work. The manager got pulled for a coupon and a server fuckup and I never got spoken to about my attitude.


Saturday was a special kind of insane. We opened the doors and the place was full. Until close. I spent most of my day clearing and resetting tables for servers who didn’t give me so much as a thank you - with one exception. One of the newer servers decided to be helpful and tell me that I can double and triple seat her all day…as long as I see drinks on the last table I can go ahead and seat her. I went out of my way to make sure her section was clear and I did everything I could to make her life easier. She tipped me out at the end of the shift which was surprising, but nice. The girl gets it. 


Today was a bit less…stupid than the other days. There was a good rush but it wasn’t crazy. Then, after all but one server had been cut, a party of 4 came in. One look told me that there was no tip coming from these people. One look and the only server left on announced she was taking her break and went into the kitchen after ordering food. 

So the manager took the table. He also had inventory and other crazy shit to do so with one table he was busy - and they were quite the demanding assholes. Then a party of three guys came in. Told the manager that another party was in and he told me - and I quote - “figure something out.”

Fine. So I took the table since the only server on was sitting out back for another 20 minutes trying to haul down a cache of nose gold or whatever the hell it is she does. The bartender was busy flirting with her boyfriend who had been visiting for most of the shift. Fine. I can do this, had to learn the menu to run take-out anyway.

They knew I wasn’t a server. The one guy flat-out asked me if the server was refusing to serve them. I told them no, she went on break to avoid taking the other table that was sitting there.

“It’s your lucky day then!” I’m told. “We tip reeeeeal good”

I start them with a drink order. Easy as shit.

Then they order food. Even though they ordered a LOT of food (to the tune of about $30 a person) the hardest thing I had to deal with was accidentally putting it all in as take-out. Which I corrected by telling the kitchen I fucked up.

Easy. As. Shit.

Meanwhile, the other table walked out on their check. Guess I called that one correctly. They were kind enough to leave a jacket on the seat…so there’s that I guess. If anybody wanted a jacked that smelled like stale cigarettes and failure it would be a real treasure, I’m sure.

Then, after the food hit the window, the server who was on break saw this table, snatched the tray I just finished loading, and delivered their food. Then she demanded - fucking demanded - that I have the table transferred to her. 

Somehow I wasn’t intimidated enough to do it. The manager asked me if I wanted to transfer it and I told him hell no! Then I told him I kind of like this server thing.

Anyway, the server threw a tantrum which resulted in nothing. I got a 40% tip off this table which was really quite super. The part that I like best - the table got one of our stupid surveys and filled it out on the spot.

Now that gets posted in the office. They called me their server. That’s gonna fuck with somebody’s mind. 

Now to enjoy a nice relaxing day off. Easy as shit.

You have no idea the joy I experienced when the anon that has been sending me hate mail almost on the daily forgot to click the anon button. One reply later, and I’m down a follower and somebody deleted their account. I now look forward to hate mail from other sources. -J


I am working on creating a questionnaire with a group and they ask sexuality. my personal sexuality(asexual) was not there, and i don’t know if i should mention it. I had them add Pansexuality(they had a bisexual option).how do you feel when you’re filling out a questionnaire and they ask your sexuality, but don’t have your specific sexuality?

Day one into my attempted hiatus: wake up from a dream where I had like abs of steel & on said abs were all jail tattoos (i’ve never been so that’s odd) and then also Sherlock tattoos.  Really bad ones.  Like on my chest.  I don’t think I had boobs or like my back and my front were somehow the same…?  Moebius torso??  Anyway, I said to someone in the dream: ‘this one is so bad, I had someone else add some stuff to it to try to fix it.  So, yeah, Robert Downey Jr, worst tattoo artist, ever!’  

Oh, also, I was wearing wooden underpants.  Made of wood.


yeah well… so I edited two pictures from last weekend in Utrecht (Dutch Comic Con)
the Con itself was okay, the other cosplayers were awful. but it was a waste of money in general. seeing the city was really nice, though. Utrecht is beautiful (even though it was raining most of the time)

I was absolutely not happy with my cosplay. it didn’t turn out the way I expected. and it was hard taking some nice pictures because it was kinda dark inside. I guess you can see how unhappy I was with my cosplay, I didn’t feel like posing at all. so I had to add some shitty effects to the pictures to make it look less shitty. I guess I will not try to make a better Crystal Cosplay in the future.
The next ones I will focus on are Lindir and Lady Loki.


In honor of the Face Off Season 5 Finale this Tuesday I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite makeups from this season. I must say I was very impressed with the work this season, probably my favorite season so far!

  1. Tate & Miranda - Episode 3: “Gettin’ Goosed” - Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
  2. Laura - Episode 9: “Mortal Sins” - Wrath
  3. FrankEpisode 4: “Subterranean Terror” - Chains & Electrical Panel
  4. Laney Episode 6: “Trick or Treat” - Clown
  5. Alana & LaneyEpisode 3: “Gettin’ Goosed” - This Little Piggy
  6. Roy - Episode 10: “Laughing Dead" - Vaudeville performers
  7. Miranda - Episode 6: “Trick or Treat”  - Skeleton 
  8. Alana, Laney, & LauraEpisode 2: “Future Frankenstein” - Frankenstein’s wife
  9. Tate Episode 6: “Trick or Treat” - Skeleton