Time Away


Of course they’d all seen. Steve wasn’t really surprised. Being quiet about things hadn’t been the priority. The only thing on his mind had been making sure Bruce was okay, making sure he was safe and whole. And everything else had just seemed unimportant. background noise int he grand scheme of things. But, of course they’d noticed. The team, the photographers standing off to the side when they should be running for the damn hills.

Steve sighed and moved over to drop down beside Bruce. He turned to look at him, eyebrows pulled together in a worried frown. “You doing okay?”

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ok so I dunno how long it's been, sorry, but maybe cuddles? they're watching an old movie an mark puts his head on jacks shoulder. and he falls asleep like that

I’m all about those cuddles.


The Breakfast Club played idly in the background.

Jack wasn’t really watching it. He’d seen it multiple times before and it was late–about three in the morning, now. He’d been flipping through the channels and ended up on it, letting the dull drone of the 80s hit lull him into peace. He let out a soft sigh as he glanced over, watching as Mark’s eyelids drooped slightly.

He liked being here with Mark. They hadn’t been together since PAX–which had been so long ago, now. About a month wasn’t that long seeing how long it took for them to meet in the first place–but now that they had actually met, being apart was practically hell.

He was surprised that Mark was still awake, honestly. Jack’s body was used to being up at strange hours, answering comments or recording, sometimes. Other times he was just having personal time, playing video games for leisure and not for YouTube for once. Mark wasn’t like that. Mark wasn’t used to that.

He knew he should sleep soon but waking up tomorrow would mean one less day he had with Mark. And he wanted every single second he could have with the American.

As he turned back to the screen, the dance montage in the movie was rolling, and he couldn’t help but laugh a bit to himself. He probably would’ve danced with him had it not been for Mark’s nearly asleep state next to him. Any movement would jostle him too much and he’d go to bed, and honestly, Jack liked him here, next to him. It made him feel less lonely.

So Jack remained still, watching, until suddenly he felt something on his shoulder. He turned his head, and saw Mark resting his head, eyes closed now, scooting closer him. He didn’t say anything as he breathed in and out, even, as if he were drifting off.

The Irishman could feel the color rising in his cheeks, and the heat crawling up his neck. It was such an innocent gesture, and yet…it felt, nice, somehow.

Jack tilted his head back against the soft cushion of the couch, closing his own eyes. He knew that sleeping like this would kill his neck in the morning, but with Mark on his shoulder, he kinda, sorta, really didn’t care.

Just a Strange Boy


Description: Another coffee shop au (I know, but they’re just so cute)

Words: 1700

Fluff? I think. Yes. Fluff.


It was another slow spring break day in the little coffee shop just outside of Manchester. Most of the university students went to London for the holiday, but not Phil. He was scheduled to work all week, and he was hating every second of it. It was simply the worst way to spend holiday when you could be in Jamaica with your family, Phil had decided, as he finished scrubbing the already spotless bar for the hundredth time. He sighed and leaned on the countertop, mindlessly doodling on the notepad, Muse blaring in the background. The door dinged and Phil abandoned his hopeless drawing of music notes. He automatically began with the routine, his voice almost robotic. “Hello and welcome to Coffee Beans, how may I-”

Thats when Phil noticed how absolutely attractive the customer was. His throat clenched and he seemed incapable of making intelligible human speech. “How may I-I. I mean how may I, uh, help you?”

The customer seemed extremely nervous, even more nervous than Phil, if possible at that moment. He just stared straight at Phil as if he didn’t realize he was being spoken to.

“Um, excuse me?” Phil asked, getting over the initial attractiveness of the customer. “How may I help you?” he tried again.

The customer, who had beautifully brown hair swept to the left, almost covering his eye looked up at Phil. “I’d um. I’d like to study in here if that’s okay, my roommates are having a party and I can’t focus. Is that alright?”

“Definitely,” Phil said, smiling, “Though we only have a few seats available,” he swept his arms around, displaying the small coffee house. There was no one in the building, so the boy looked quizzically at Phil.

Phil’s smile dropped. “That was, uh..supposed to be a joke.” No response. “So, yeah. I’ll be right here if you need me.”

The awkwardness of this situation was killing him. Phil knew he was terrible at jokes, but his friends used to cover for him, pretending his joke was actually hilarious, but in a situation like this, he was completely unsure what to do. The boy sat down in a booth farthest away from Phil, pulling his books out and beginning to study.

‘Alright then,’ Phil thought to himself, ‘He doesn’t want to be bothered. I get that, that is why he came here after all.’ He went back to his terrible drawing of music notes and began doodling again, mindlessly now to ‘Sing’ by My Chemical Romance.

The coffee shop once again fell into a comfortable silence, the only noise being the scratching of the boys’s pens on their papers. For Phil, the minutes ticked by painstakingly slowly. He only had two hours left of his shift, but they seemed to take an eternity.

To busy himself, Phil decided that he would make a drink for the both of them, seeing as there was nothing else to do. As he prepped the drinks he sung along under his breath, “Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls, every time that you lose it sing it for the world.” He stopped there, but the faint voice from across the room kept on singing, “Sing it from the heart, sing it ‘till you’re nuts sing it out for the ones that’ll hate your guts. Sing it for the deaf, sing it for the blind, sing about everyone that left you behind. Sing it for the world, sing it for the world…”

Phil laughed at him. At least the strange boy had a good taste in music. ‘It adds about 10 points to his cuteness scale.’ Phil decided for himself.

As the coffees were doing their thing, Phil strategically placed himself at a place in the bar where he could look at the boy without seeming to purposely do so. But, it was oh so totally and completely on purpose. The boy was definitely something to look at, he was utterly beautiful. If Phil didn’t know he was already gay, the sight of the brown-haired, brown-eyed boy would have convinced him. His face looked so beautiful in the partial light of the afternoon, occasionally contorting if he didn’t understand what he was reading. As Phil stared, he tried to memorize the boy’s complexion, from the soft angles of his face to the slight downwards curve of his nose. To Phil, this boy was the definition of beauty.

A beeping from the machine signifying the coffee was done awoke Phil from his trance. He quickly turned around, putting both drinks on a tray and walked with shaking legs towards the boy. Now, Phil began to second guess his idea. At the time, it had seemed like a good plan, to make drinks and just chat with him, but now he was feeling anxious. ‘What if he thinks I’m a freak? What if he doesn’t like coffee? Oh god, what if he’s allergic and I’m forcing this down his throat?’ Phil was freaking out. In the short distance he had left, he forced himself to take deep breaths, calming himself down a bit.

Phil stood at the top of the table, waiting for the boy to notice him. It took awhile, Phil finally cleared his throat.

The boy jumped, alarmed by the sudden appearance of a body. “Oh, uh hi,” he said awkwardly, almost with a question, looking at the drinks with apprehension, “I didn’t, you know, order anything.” He trailed off.

“Oh yeah, I know. I was just really bored in the back and wanted a drink, and you looked like you needed one, so I made you one too.”

“Um, yeah, thanks,” the boy looked up at Phil sheepishly smiling, reaching for the coffee. “What do I owe you?”

“Nothing, it’s a gift from me. Studying during spring break, now that takes determination,” the smiley face could almost be heard in Phil’s response.

“Thanks,” and that was it.

There once that one word was spoken, the boy bent his head down once more and looked extremely involved in his work. Phil took this as his dismissal. ‘Of course he wouldn’t want me to sit by him, he’s studying.’ Phil mentally slapped himself in the face, scolding himself of his stupid tendencies.

He sat back down behind the counter, busying himself once more with his doodle. It had evolved from music notes to a cat with an awkwardly arched back. He laughed at the ugliness of it, thinking of it as a deranged metaphor of his life.

The time slowly crawled away. Seconds slowly turned into minutes. Minutes into a painstakingly long hour, until finally it was five minutes to closing. Phil didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to have to kick the boy out, but he really wanted to go home. It was a mental war, tell the boy to leave, or stay here with the boy until he decided to call it a night. In the middle of this mental battle, however, the boy stood up, packed his books away, and opened the door to leave before turning around. “Thank you, for you know. Letting me study here. It was a nice change from my noisy dorm.”

Phil hadn’t noticed that the boy was making his move, and he smiled partly out of relief at him and partly at the words he had spoken, “Yeah, sure! Come back here anytime. You made it seem more busy in here.”

The boy nodded, “Thanks for the drink, too. It was delicious,” he tipped his cup towards Phil, before finally leaving the shop.

The door shut with a click behind him, leaving Phil alone. The next five minutes were agonizingly slow and lonely. Phil was glad when it was closing time. He clocked out and started walking to his own flat.

It was a brisk walk, considering it was freezing outside and Phil didn’t wish to be out longer than he had to be. He wanted to get home as soon as possible so he could go to sleep. Even though he didn’t do anything, Phil was exhausted from the very non-busy day he had.

As soon as he walked inside his flat, his roommate, Chris waved at him. “Hey Phil! How was the the shop? Lonely, I presume?”

Phil sighed in response and cast a glance at Chris. He was sitting on their couch watching some anime Phil had never seen before with his friend Peej.

“You can come sit with us if you want, you know, Phil,” Chris said to him, smiling.

Phil paused. He was tempted to join in, pretend like he had more friends than just Chris, and Louise from the coffee shoppe, but his tiredness won out. “No thanks, Chris, I’m going to go to sleep. I’ve had a long day. Nice to see you, Peej.”

He nodded to the two boys, and continued slowly down the hall. Before he reached his room, he overheard Peej whispering to Chris, “You really need to get him out more, mate, I don’t think he’s ever said more than “nice to see you, Peej,” to me ever, and I’m over here constantly.”

“I know, Peej, I just think he likes his alone time, and I don’t want to force him to do something more than he doesn’t want to do, ‘ya know?

Phil didn’t want to hear anymore, a long shift at the coffee shop always made him a bit cranky, and this was just adding fuel to the fire. He marched into his room and shut the door loudly behind him. He knew he was being unreasonable, but it’s true, he’d never had that many friends. It was by accident, really, that he was friends with Chris. They just happened to be in all the same classes in high school.

It wasn’t a good night to think about all his failures in a social life, in fact, it never is, Phil decided, so he quickly changed into his pyjamas and slid into bed. He liked to imagine by shutting his eyes, he shut everything off in the world, except for maybe the boy in the coffee shop.


Jem Cash interviewed on behalf of Spotlight Magazine.

It was an endeavor to find Jem Cash on the festival grounds, and she wasn’t eager to be interviewed. “Why don’t you go talk to my sister?” She asks over a tray piled high with tortilla chips and pico de gallo. Jem is the younger sister of Georgiana Cash, the lead singer for Coming Up Roses. As a close relative, she has an interesting insiders perspective on the star-studded lifestyle. “Listen, this is my first time out at one of these things since Gramps died, and it’s a little weird.” She sighs, alluding to her time spent going to her deceased grandfather Johnny Cash’s shows. “Whenever I walk around with Georgie we get mobbed, but I don’t know anyone else here. Music festivals are a terrible place to be lonely in.” Only Love begins to play in the background and I point out that she briefly dated their guitarist Xander Awan last year. “God. You just had to bring that up, didn’t you?” She noisily bites into a tortilla chip. “I’m avoiding Xander as much as possible, thank you.” According to sources, they broke up when she found him cheating. The sun reflects off of her mirrored sunglasses. “I’m just trying to get through life the best I can, you know?” Jem says. Her words don’t come easily. “I’m just floating along.”

Rory Bane, musician from Wolfsbane, on Jem Cash.

“Yeah, Jem, the kid. She’d probably kill me if she knew I said that. Jem’s cool, though. I know a lot of people think she’s got something strange going on in her head, what with her sister looking so fucking perfect all of the time, but I get it. I have Emi and Georgie has Jem. The difference is, I know Emi’s broken, but Georgie just seems to bubble past it every time Jem is found on in the middle of the street at five am. I know the kid doesn’t want to admit whatever bad thing happened to her, but that’s alright. It’ll come with due time.”


She was raped by Xander last year, but doesn’t remember it.
Jem has terrible night terrors and often goes on walks where she disassociates for hours and wakes up in the middle of nowhere.
She’s named after the cartoon character Jem.


Current FC: Nicola Peltz
Alternate FCs: None, but suggestions are welcome.
Played by: OPEN.

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i feel but at the same time don’t because where i did do it was at school and literally no one there cared they just sighed

yeah i had it on at my lecture (modern history, ww2 - gg me) and i dunno but no one seemed to recognise so im kinda glad. (maybe cuz it wasnt a v common pic).

Is It Over?

Namine slowly opens her eyes to a dimly lit room. Needles have been poked into her and she’s hooked onto an oxygen tank. She could feel her hand being held and looks over to see Lucas asleep in the chair beside her bed. She smiles and hears the door craaking open.
“Nami?” Tora asks. Namine grunts a bit to try to talk.
“Oh good. Lucas will be happy to know you’re back to normal… well not completely.” Tora holds up a mirror for Namine and Namine examines the new features her titan form provided this time. In her blood line, whenever she is ripped from her titan, she changes looks and therefore changed her entire background after Nitara died. This time her eyes were changed to a light gray mixed with blue and a dark blue around the outer part, her hair had fringed one side, and changed to a dark red. She sighed and Tora took away the mirror.
“Not to mention you have a scar around your neck too. Oh and you don’t look all bone anymore.” As Tora finished that sentence, Namine looked at her body. Her arms and legs were toned, her stomach was flat, and everything seemed to fit her style.
“You know I’ve always liked your titan blood. I’m sure everyone would kill to be able to change after dying inside their titan.”
Ahhhhh so I was dead. Namine thought. “Well because you have been out for a bit, Annie is crystallized. Eren almost killed her, and in fear, she protected herself and it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting out anytime soon.” Namine clenched her fists and felt her body heat rise. She then felt Lucas tighten his grip on her hand so she looked over, and smiled. He smiled back and made a look of admiration. “What?” Namine could barely speak but it was audible. “I have been waiting to see your eyes. They’re beautiful.” Namine smiled wider. “You have to stay for a couple days in order to fully recover.” Lucas explained. Namine sighed and wanted to leave now. —- 6 days later —- “I think Eren and the gang are gonna be happy to see you.” Lucas smiled. “They won’t even recognize me.” Lucas squeezed Namine’s hand as they walked into the dining hall. She could hear some people whisper about who she could be. Right as she spotted Mikasa, Eren looked a little freaked out. She walked over there and sat down. “Who are you?!” Eren wasn’t the brightest. “You idiot it’s Namine!” Eren looked shocked. “How-” “It’s in my blood. If I die while in my titan, my entire look changes.” They looked over in awe. Namine was getting tired of all this explaining “And that’s how my mom got away with most things.” Namine took a sip of water. “Who was she?” Armin asked. Namine furrowed her eyebrows. “No one important to anyone but me. I need to go find Levi.” Namine stood and walked away. “What if he’s busy?” “Oh well.” Namine didn’t mind as she walked. She saw Levi ahead and yelled after him. He turned to see her and stopped in his tracks. “What is it cadet? Are you new or something?” Levi asked, unamused. “It’s Namine sir. We checked on her from time to time to see how she was doing. Turns out her entire form and look changes if she dies in her titan.” Tora explained. Tora was like a second Levi whenever he himself wasn’t around. “I’d have to say that’s pretty impressive. Stolen or blood?” “Blood.” “This look fits your personality more than anything. The eyes and scar can fool anyone. Be careful with that freedom.” “This has only happened once before this.” “What did you look like before black and gold.” Namine thought for a moment. “Blonde and red. The body was fragile and easily breakable.” Levi looked with a barely noticeable look of concern. “I want you to meet me in my office later.” Levi turned and walked away. Namine had an idea on what it might be. She spent the time she had with Lucas before making her way to Levi. “Namine! Sit please.” Namine sat down, crossing one leg over the other. “What did you need captain?” “Oh Nitara, I think you know.” Namine sat in silence. He knows about her mother and what she did. Levi sat in front of Namine. “Your mother killed more than any of the titans combined. What kind of joyride was she looking for?” Namine shifted in her seat a bit. “How should I know? She never told me anything about her titan ways.” “What if you’re the same way?” Namine heard as the doors opened and shut. She looked at the two Garrison cadets standing there. “What if I’m not? You saw me out there! I didn’t harm any of the cadets! I made it clear I wanted them gone once Xion was killed!” Namine stood over Levi as her body became heated. Levi smirked and bit and she sat back down. “Your eyes turn into a dark blue when you’re mad, but that’s not the point. The point is that if you hurt or go after Annie in anyway, you will be sentenced to death.” “I was your best soldier! How could you do that?” Namine felt a mix of anger and sadness wash over her. “You and Tora are my best. I have a backup so losing you would mean almost nothing.” It was silent. Namine sat back and hid the fact she was close to crying. “Don’t cry cadet.” “I’m not.” Levi raised Namine’s head with his finger. “Your storm-gray eyes say different. Now you are a good soldier just try to have a stronger self confidence and your pretty much up to Tora’s status. Go. Get out.” Namine shoved pass the cadets and back to her dorm, thinking about his words.

I did a wall and I’m proud of it holyjesus

The female grinned as she looked up at the sky, then back to the painting easel in front of her. Her paintbrush glided across the canvas, leaving a dark blue, oily ribbon behind it. She reached down, dabbing her brush into another shade of blue, just a little lighter than the last, and let the paintbrush take itself wherever it needed to on the canvas. A small sigh of content left her lips when she saw what she had painted so far, the beautiful night sky. The smell of wet grass reached her nostrils, a smile coming across her lips. This time of year was the best, during nightfall, when the rain poured down, and the smell was able to be smelled in the morning. One the dark blue background had been finished; she cleaned her paintbrush, yet got out a smaller, daintier one. She dipped the brush into a light yellow, then started to map in her mind where the would dot the paint. When she had finished mapping the dots out, she started to dab the brush in the areas she had planned. Closing her eyes momentarily, she sighed quietly. When she opened her eyes, she found herself gazing towards the sky, a small smile gracing her lips. The girl chuckled at how similar her painting and the sky looked, it was meant to be that way, of course. With a shake of her head and a small grin, she continued painting. When she had finished, she placed the brush down, not before cleaning it, of course. She waited for the painting to dry, watching the small droplets cling to the painting, yet they didn’t fall. She stood up, wobbling as the stool she was sitting on fell over. The girl hummed and got out her phone, quickly taking a picture of her creation, then placing the phone back in her bag. She placed her hands on her hips, looking around. No one was there. She was alone where she stood, No one could ruin this moment for her. Poppy closed her eyes, inhaling sharply before she knelt down, looking at her watch for the time, reaching for her bag. She blinked when she had realized that it had been hours since she first begun the painting, no one had come looking for her, which she was grateful for. She wanted to be alone for the day, a calm day. A day where no one could come in and ruin these joyous moments for her. Her eyes drifted back to the painting, then back to her bag. She got out a small scalpel, then wandered back to her creation, quickly sketching her signature into the corner. She stood back and admired it for a minute or two, wiping her hand on her apron, smearing paint among the other stains of every colour of the rainbow. Paint rested on her face and on her apron. Her hair had been tied back into a ponytail for these hours she would spend alone painting. She wore a simple pair of denim shorts, and an old black shirt. A small hum emitted from her throat as she leaned back, looking at the sky once more and feeling a drop of rain hit her forehead. A small smile came across her lips at the sensation. Her smile grew wider as more drops fell on various places of her body. Letting the cold feeling embrace her, she quickly threw a plastic sheet over the painting, so the rain wouldn’t harm it. Reaching for her bag, she rummaged through it and brought out a black button up shirt and a pair of jeans. She quickly tossed them over the clothes she had been wearing before. Then she sat down and enjoyed the feeling the rain gave her, all alone. Just how she wanted to be.

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(─‿‿─) *because Alice needs platonic cuddles every now and then*

Send “(─‿‿─)” to cuddle with my muse

The two were sitting on the couch, the television turned on to some random channel, acting as little more than background noise; it had been a long day at the diner and Ruby was exhausted, though she was doing her best to keep her eyes open. Instead of retiring to bed - the prospect of moving far too daunting for aching bones - the she-wolf wrapped her arms around Alice’s waist, leaning in to nuzzle her neck, an affectionate gesture for the wolf that bled into Ruby’s human form as well. A sigh escaped her, contented to spend the end of a trying day with a friend and no worries - at least for the time being.

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♔ [ /i love royalty au's sososo much cries ]


Princess Violet… I really can’t see why you resent attending the ball so much, don’t you realize you could meet a Prince there~?” The beautiful blonde princess sighed wistfully, how she longed to find a love in this large kingdom of theirs. They shared two spaces of it, well their family’s did, since its land took up so much space. A ball was arriving that night and every eligible maiden and man were invited by request of the Kings, due to the girls’ backgrounds they had been long time friends. Tonight they were coming of age and could begin being offered proposals… just like in hers books! She only fretted her brother would stand in her way. 


To begin this project i started looking at colour and what colour represents as an emotion. i found contrasting colours between happy and sad, for instance, blues and greys being sad and then pinks and yellows being happy/joyful. 
Throughout my research i looked into abstract emotions and it helped me come to my final animation of having two circles with opposite emotion through their colours become friends. the project was done in after effects and this helped me a lot, i found it was easy to use and really easy to change parts that had gone wrong. There are however still a lot of problems with my animation, with time limits i would need to leave it as it is. The timing needs changing because the bouncing in ball two needs changing when the character jumps into the cloud. i need to suggest more weight behind the character. Also i would like to adjust the blue ball, because a lot of the time it’s stationery where-as it would work better with more sighing and slumped over more. 
The background is another thing that i would have liked to have payed more attention to if i had the time, it would have worked really well with maybe more balls bouncing around in the background or even just a static background of a building or some trees.