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Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

This 13 year old gives one of the best TED talks I’ve ever watched!

We Have a Match!

We Have a Match!

I’m not sure how many have heard of an awesome program called IRun4, but if you haven’t go check it out! It started with a man, who was a runner, meeting a special guy who couldn’t run, and beginning to dedicate his races to him. It grew from there, and now includes all disabilities. The athletes cheer on their buddies in their accomplishments and the buddies are their “coaches!” I heard of the…

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A 13 year old talks about traditional education system and what he wants to be when he’s an adult.

hackschooling: creativity, education, happiness, and health in today's hectic society

education reform always seems to have a spot in national dialogue. however, it never seems to move past that - we talk about the need for a change in our education system, but never make those changes. i get the sense that we are afraid to change for some reason, like we fear changing the way we approach education might set us behind somehow. by a lot of metrics we’re already falling behind, though, so that type of logic is a little bit unsound.

i don’t think our current system is 100% defunct, but it could definitely use improvement. one major area ripe for a makeover is the way we approach creativity and the arts. a lot of times we verbally support them, but then schools focus on standardized forms of thinking, and arts are the first to go in budget cuts.

i could go on, but i’d rather let these two videos speak for me. this first video is of a kid named Logan who spke at TEDx in Nevada. Logan Laplante is a thirteen year old boy who was taken out of the traditional school system when he was nine. he’s easily one of the most articulate just-turned-teenagers i’ve ever come across, and he sounds like he’s got a much better perspective on life than most adults. when he grows up, he’s no sure what he want’s to do, but he knows he wants to be happy and healthy. you go, Logan.

can i be hackschooled?

this second video is the most-watched video in TEDtalk history. it’s called “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” and it’s given by the humorous and astute Sir Kevin Robinson. he makes some brilliant points about how we grow kids out of creativity, rather than developing it.

you can find a nice summary of the relationship between the two videos here.

what are your thoughts on the importance of creativity, living a healthy and happy life, education, and the way these fit into our modern society?

A revelation: the leap to Happyschooling


Be forewarned: this is one long post.  If you choose to stick with it to the end, what you’ll find is this: an intro to what and why I’m typing this…realizing this…and sharing this with anyone who might be curious or in similar shoes. It’s the journey of a young boy and his mom and the decision we made together to be a homeschooling family. My intention for this blog is to document our experiences as we navigate the deep, mysterious and sometimes turbulent and unpredictable sea of what it means to educate our children.  It’s my hope that in telling our stories and sharing our resources, that you too may find a beacon of light that empowers and helps you find the best and happiest way to educate your children.

And with that our story begins…

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Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada

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Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada

Logan a 13 ans et nous parle de ce qu’il veut faire quand il sera grand et de quelle éducation il a besoin pour y arriver…

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