The Dawn of a new BEAST!

hello and welcome Hack fans, after 6 months of button bashing (also known as research) my trusty sidekick Watson (friend from Uni) and I (Sherlock) have begun our journey in building a machine more powerful than a Quad-core Mac Pro available off the shelf…..heres the best part … half the price! Yup HALF .. THE … PRICE.

I hope this blog will help anyone else wanting to building a mac pro at half the price but more power it will include photos, videos and other resources will all be shared. 

Enjoy the read and hope you find it informative. 

All systems go!

As you can see from the below photos the hardware side of the build is completed, as i type this post OS X 10.6 is installing. 

At this point I would to credit my 3 sources of info.

1) NoFilmSchool, Hackintosh - This guide is awesome! really simple to follow. Infact my whole build is based around this guide. I just swapped a few bits out for newer parts.

  • The i7-930 > i7-950, GTX285 > GTX480 1.5mb
  • Antec P183 > Antec P193 i changed the case purely because the retailer i brought the other parts from didnt sell the P183
  • Power supply to a mega 1000W! 
  • Cooler H50 to H70
  • RAM 12gb!

2) TonyMacx86 - Main source for the install of OS X86 & runs an amazing forum. Learnt a lot from just reading the posts about various parts

3) Insanelymac - Another great forum. Where i found information on the GTX 4xx series cards very helpful.

Together these 3 websites are probably the only places you will need to visit. I also used youtube videos to check visual reviews of various parts and how to install them. 

Update: installation progress > 26mins. So far, so good.

Next post will be some sags I faced when installing the hardware. Keep watching folks!