Oh would you look at that! Another NCIS: LA episode! Another blog! When I should be writing essays! Oops!

But for real, this was a good episode, there was a lot of Eric/Nell happenings so I was very happy with that (FINALLY!)

Callen made me minorly irritated, but we’ll get to that later.



Ever wanted to put Netflix on your NES? It’s possible!

All the menu options are there, and the darNES project—from Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, and Carenina Motion—can play the video stream in the unmodified Nintendo Entertainment System.

One of the coolest hacks i’ve ever seen. What kind of modern day wizardry is this? What’s next, DOOM on a Tiger handheld? A toaster that can run Kinect?

As cool as it is, I’ll stick to my PC for Netflix.

Watch the video at Popular Mechanics.

Which leads to a sad but true fact for so many of us: Very, very, very few hacking-genius females actually look like Angelina Jolie or Emily Bett Rickards. Yes, we’d love it if it were so but no, they look as normal as any other woman, not so much the multi-colored hair or wild outfits.

“Why Can’t Hollywood Do Hacking Right”

A friend sent me this article, which is a great read, and I kinda giggled at the reference to Angelina Jolie and Emily Bett Rickards.

anonymous asked:

How do you back up your save file?

I used the instructions on this guide to back up my save file. 

Basically, you’ll download the zip file from that page, copy the lt-saveout.bin file onto the root of your SD card, put the SD back in your 3DS/ 2DS, start your game with your mayor, let Isabelle load the town to the point where you can move around, go to the internet browser from the home screen, go to the url listed on the guide I linked to, and viola! your backup file is created on your SD card under the name mori.bin. You should store this somewhere safe on your computer and rename it so that you’ll know exactly what it is. If you somehow corrupt your game, you can restore it with this file. Instructions for restoring your save file are also in the linked guide, along with town-edit hacks. 

Though I (mischacrossing) have used some of these hacks, I will not promote them because they can mess up your game, and I don’t need that blame on me. They have worked safely for me, but use them at your own risk.. with a save file backed up of course. Read all instructions thoroughly.

What’s the difference between a hack and an exploit?

On this week’s episode of our What’s Tech? podcast, Russell Brandom explains hacking. Hacks, exploits, and system security are regularly in the news, most notably with the hacking of Sony Pictures. Brandom illuminates a culture that’s more complex than how it’s often portrayed and explains the nitty-gritty in layman terms.

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Soooo… Looks like Belinda’s doodle came true.

Do I win yet?

PSA: if you think hacking is the worst thing ever, that’s fine. you don’t have to hack your town if you don’t want to! it’s awesome having free will like that, isn’t it? it’s also awesome that people who want to hack can hack their town and have fun with it. what’s not awesome is when people with differing opinions are judgmental and hateful to each other. someone hacking their game doesn’t affect you at all, so just smile and move on! positive vibes only plz. ꒰ ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱

honestly, there should not even BE an economy in this damn game. ACNL is a game meant for kids. sorry that you can’t sell your villagers for a billion bells anymore, but I find that this whole hacking situation is actually a blessing. people no longer have to spend billions of bells to get villagers like marshal. everyone can get the items they want now, they can get the maps they want, they can have villagers where they want them, and i think that’s fantastic. this is a game about building a village and making it the way you want and if there are hacks that can do that without requiring you to spend all of your hard earned bells, then i’m damn pleased about that. i, for one, will definitely enjoy doing giveaways and giving villagers to the people who want them. enjoy having your panties in a twist, you economy maniacs.

State Dept: Hillary Clinton never used secure, govt-issued Blackberry/iPhone.

Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry and iPhone (yes, she had both) were not issued by the State Department and not considered secure.  

from WFB:

During Thursday’s State Department press briefing, spokeswoman Jen Psaki fielded a question from a reporter about previous State Department employees not being able to have both a government email address as well as a personal address on the same BlackBerry. Psaki had responded that prior to early 2014, because of a lack of a security upgrade, that government issued BlackBerrys were not capable of running anything more than a government-issued email address.

In 2009, Bill Gertz reported the National Security Agency had created a hack-proof BlackBerry for President Obama. Obama’s top aides as well as first lady Michelle Obama had all received the souped-up device. The device would have been available for Clinton while she was Secretary of State.
Psaki also told reporters that Clinton was not issued an official State
Department BlackBerry and had used her own personal, not secure device.

Psaki told reporters it was not a requirement even if it was the Secretary of State who would have communications that would need a high level of security.

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Hillary Clinton’s secret email account could easily turn into a national security nightmare.