For anarchists, though, free software is attractive not because of the legal provisions of its production process, but primarily because it contains gratis, high- quality alternatives to the proprietary and monopolist software economy. The latter, already on an early critique, represents “a special form of the commodification of knowledge…the special properties of knowledge (its lack of material substance; the ease with which it can be copied and transmitted) mean that it can only acquire exchange value where institutional arrangements confer a degree of monopoly power on its owner” (Morris-Suzuki 1984) — i.e. intellectual property rights. One may add that these are more than mere “institutional arrangements”, since they can be encoded into the technology itself as access-codes for software packages or online content. On such an optic, the collaborative development of free software like the Linux operating system and applications such as OpenOffice clearly approximate an informational anarchist communism. Moreover, for anarchists it is precisely the logic of expropriation and electronic piracy that enables a radical political extension of the cultural ideals of the free manipulation, circulation and use of information associated with the “hacker ethic” (Himanen 2001). The space of illegality created by P2P (peer- to-peer) file-sharing opens up the possibility, not only of the open circulation of freely- given information and software as it is on the Internet today, but also of conscious copyright violation. The Internet, then, enables not only communist relations around information, but also the militant contamination and erosion of non-communist regimes of knowledge — a technological “weapon” to equalize access to information, eating away at intellectual property rights by rendering them unenforceable.

Meet China’s youngest hacker

At the young age of 12, Wang Zhengyang has achieved a kind of fame that most people can only dream of.

The kid is widely renowned in ‪#‎China‬ as a ‪#‎computer‬ ‪#‎genius‬. However, what stands out most about him is his ability to crack through codes and systems.

Yes, Wang is one of the youngest ‪#‎hackers‬ in the country, and his story is a remarkable one indeed.

It all began for the kid, as an attempt to get away from spending hours on doing homework. And so Wang hacked into the school’s online homework system and took the easy way out.

From there on, there’s been no looking back. He’s reportedly helped fix around 100 system ‪#‎bugs‬ so far to ensure the computer systems are not vulnerable to ‪#‎attacks‬.

Wang most recently appeared at the China Internet Security Conference in ‪#‎Beijing‬, held from September 24 to 25, and became an instant hit with the crowds.

According to a Dalian Evening News report, he is currently enrolled as a first-year student in the high school attached to China’s prestigious ‪#‎TsinghuaUniversity‬.

{URGENT} Anonymous listed 31 websites to be hacked in Operation Hong Kong


Websites to be hacked: - DOWN (DDOS)



PassionTimes 熱血時報

{Please spread and save as record, in case police are clearing out the media}

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Thanks for your action, but there are some websites that shouldn’t be hacked and some that should be added in.

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Anonymous Declares War Against Hong Kong Police


The “hacktivist” group Anonymous sent this video to News2share early Wednesday morning, apparently declaring a cyber-war against Hong Kong for the treatment of protesters there. The group has already defaced several Hong Kong-based websites, and promised that dozens more would be affected over the next few days.


{Please spread and save as record, in case police are clearing out the media}

{If you care and know any second language, please help and translate the post.}

Situs Berita Irrawaddy Diretas Karena Dituduh Radikal

Situs Berita Irrawaddy Diretas Karena Dituduh Radikal

YANGON, — Kata “radikal” yang muncul di situs berita populer Myanmar, Irrawaddy, membuat situs berita itu diserang oleh peretas pada hari Kamis, 2/10/2014. Peretas mengubah halaman utama The Irrawaddy menjadi halaman hitam dengan pemberitahuan tentang bertemunya ulama nasionalis Wirathu dengan biksu Buddha yang kontroversial di Sri Lanka.


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