Let’s not pretend these people are like victims of a rape, because they’re not. How about taking some responsibility for your actions? Yes, the Apples of the world provided the cell phones, the iClouds, etc., but at the end of the day, JLaw took her clothes off and allowed those pictures to be taken. It’d be like blaming Captain Morgan and Grey Goose for drunk driving. The only exception I would make is when, a la Erin Andrews, someone climbs her bathroom window and took pictures of her naked while in the shower or in a space warranting privacy, but these pictures were on her cell phone, taken with what appears to be her consent. Don’t get mad if they get leaked.
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Hackers steal personal data for 25,000 Homeland Security employees


Doesn’t feel so nice when it happens to you, does it?  

from Breitbart:

USIS, the Department of Homeland Security’s contractor for conducting security clearance background checks, has had the personal records of at least 25,000 of its employees stolen because of hackers, and the hackers may have been from a foreign country, according to the Associated Press (AP).

AP’s source was an unnamed DHS official who told AP that Homeland Security would soon let employees know if their personal information had been stolen and encourage them to check their financial accounts.

USIS provides the most background investigations to the federal government of any company, but the company is being targeted with a federal whistleblower lawsuit because it allegedly “dumped” over 600,000 background checks for security clearances, allowing some clearances to be considered complete although they were not completely conducted.

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When hackers steal data from Homeland Security, it’s considered a crime.  When the government steals data from private citizens, it’s called “Homeland Security.”

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