How surveillance cameras will soon be reading your lips

A security specialist Ahmad Hassanat from the University of Jordan, has developed an exclusive automated lip-reading system which will be able to record your lip movements and read what you are saying.

Ahmad claims that success rate of this lip-reading system is 76% when it comes to man, while success rate is way more higher when it comes to read what a woman is saying. That’s because some men have beard and mustache making it hard to read their lips movement. RELATED STORY: New Surveillance System Tracks Every Moving Object In An Entire City. Though he admits there are many hurdles to making the technology perfect, in our surveillance-obsessed society, it’s only a matter of time – especially when you consider the CIA is already seeking out lip-reading services. RELATED STORY: Anti-surveillance mask enables you to pass as someone else. If the system created by Ahmed is used with surveillance cameras the security agencies will be able to watch what you say. Watch the video below to have an in depth understanding about this automated lip-reading system.

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Once again, the personal photos of several celebrities were allegedly stolen and posted online for the world to see.

On Saturday, reports first surfaced that nude pictures of Kim Kardashian were circulating the web, and by the weekend’s end, she was hardly the only star whose privacy had been invaded. Amber Heard supposedly had over 50 photos stolen, including one with a topless message to fiancé Johnny Depp.

Although unconfirmed, it appears the latest round of nude leaks is related to the hacking that occurred over Labor Day weekend where Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, and Kate Upton were among the victims.

Here’s what we know:

The Latest Victims: Along with Kardashian and Heard, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Hope Solo, Avril Lavigne, Lake Bell, Mary-Kate Olsen, Aubrey Plaza, Gabrielle Union, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Bosworth, Meagan Good, and Hayden Panettiere were allegedly among the latest celebs to get hacked. Plus, more stolen photos appearing to be of J.Law and Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco hit the web on Saturday.

Their Reactions: So far, only Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good have spoken out about the incident.


Future Tattoo (Full Body)

A red, cyan, and black tattoo that is perfect for hackers, futuristic, or alien sims. 

This tattoo is full body. The individual tattoos consist of: Hole in Heart Chest Tattoo, D-20 Dice Back Tattoo, Hexagonal Full Lower Leg Tattoo, Circuit Upper Leg Tattoo, Infinity Heart Hand Tattoo, Arrow Map Palm Tattoo, Barcode Hand Tattoo, Multiple Arabesh Tattoos (Font Typeface from (c) Star Wars), Binary Shoulder Tattoo, Side Tattoo featuring Lyrics by Transit (All Your Heart), and other various geometric tattoos.  

Side note: Arabesh Back Tattoo over D20 Dice says Sims4. :)

These are non-default textures and do not replace any other tattoos. 

The Female Version can be found under the angel wings back tattoo. The Male Version can be found under the anchor upper back tattoo. 

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The Hacker

New poem for Rose City ComicCon, Portland Nerd Slam, Sept 2014

Crash Override

They call it breaking the link.

As a video game nears its release date,

the code becomes so complex and intertwined

that it is no longer safe to just delete any part of it.

If they want to remove a chunk of bad dialog,

or get rid of a character

or eliminate an ending they no longer want to be possible,

they do not erase those elements.

They simply break the link so the player never encounters them.

Every game disk

is littered

with the ghosts of what might have been.

Hidden in the code

is the secret room where Duke gets the O.P. grenade launcher,

Hidden in the code is the scene

where Booker finally fights the Songbird,

all those the things the developers were embarrassed by

or just didn’t have time to finish,

hidden in the code is the novel

I lied to my girlfriend about writing

while I secretly sat in my office

Jack Torrenceing the phrase “this will be over soon”

in notebook after notebook after notebook.

buried deep behind a blessedly broken link

is the memory of my dad helping the nurses

hold me down

while they tried to unprogram

the handfuls of pills I had installed.

I am a member of the world’s most secret

modding community, the ones whose brains

were released to market

before they were finished,

who spend our days trying to recover the broken link

to the scene where we actually

leave the house in the morning,

pouring over line after line of code

to try and buff our “talking to another human” stat,

figuring out which value needs to be set to zero,  

because the developers for some fucking reason,

didn’t include an option

to turn off vibrate on the controller.

No matter how many doctors I see

or how many drugs they give me,

I never refer to myself with the phrase “mental illness.”

I am not a neuro-dysfunctional manic depressive.  

I am a hacker.

I can figure this out,

I own this game,

and the terms of service are bullshit.

I will change it as much as I want

until it does what I know it can do.

Cheat codes are for amateurs;

I am getting right into the config file.

I know there there is a skill tree

I was supposed to have access to,

I know there is a better ending

than the one I keep getting.

That part of me was not erased.

The link was just broken.

It’s still in there. I am going to find it.

I’m getting my goddamn grenade launcher,

I am going to be the one player

who finally fights the Songbird.

No fan worthy of the name would violate the private profile of their favorite celebrity. There is not more respect for anybody. 
What is the point ?! What satisfaction there is to violate the privacy of a person ?! 
Personal photos intended for their peers, they should not be in the public domain! 
You should be ashamed. 
You are not a fan, you’re hungry beasts of visibility. 
You are worms disgusting and undignified. 

Already largely forgotten amongst the pollutant distractions of corporate media, this man, Edward Snowden, has been the greatest American hero to emerge from the festering, federal government since… … …ever.

Yet! he has been crucified by the very people he sought to protect; labeled a terrorist, traitor, villain, coward, and a multitude of other defamations; hunted; exiled; told he would receive severe punishment, without pardon for…..telling the TRUTH?

It’s time to stop persecuting this brave man and recognize that he’s done more for this country’s citizens than ANY of the politicians who persecute not only him, but the very people they swore to serve.

We are ALL Ferguson. We are ALL Snowden; we are ALL slaves.

SIGNAL BOOST HACKER: Report Bitchycatgirl

Hey guys We have a serious problem. My close friend lexet was recently hacked on tumblr as well as her deviantart by user bitchycatgirl. Please, please report her as well as help get the admins to return the rights to the blog to her. She not only took control of one of her blogs but her sub-blog lexetart as well. Please help us in this time of need before she does something drastic to her accounts.

Watch on

la anatomia de stuxnet

FSF Blogs: Tor Challenge hits it out of the park

Tor is a publicly accessible, free software-based system for anonymizing Internet traffic. It relies on thousands of computers around the world called relays, which route traffic in tricky ways to dodge spying. The more relays, the stronger and faster the network.

We’d like to warmly thank our allies at the Electronic Frontier Foundation for organizing the Tor Challenge and inviting us to join them in promoting it. And most of all, thanks to the 1,635 of you who started a relay! (The FSF would have started one too, but we’ve already been running ours for a while.)

The Tor Challenge has already been successful, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start a Tor relay! You can get started from the Challenge’s beautifully-designed Web site.

To see stats and graphs about the Tor Challenge, read the EFF’s post.

To learn about more tools and actions you can take to secure privacy for yourself and your community, see the FSF’s bulk surveillance page. For a discussion of pushing back bulk surveillance on a mass scale, read Richard Stallman’s article "How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?".

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