Meet MIDI HACK, a 24h hackathon celebrating digital and analog music creation.

Sponsored by Ableton, Native Instruments & Spotify, this hackathon aims at inviting industry leaders, interesting start-ups, software developers, hardware fanatics and musicians who push the envelope of music creation, and to spawn great and creative ideas for the future.

The event will take place at the Spotify Stockholm HQ, 17th-18th of May 2014. 

Sign up! http://www.midihack.com/

12 Stellar Student Ideas to Hack NYU

This past weekend's Hack NYU offered no shortage of innovative ideas, all designed to make life easier for NYU students — from class scheduling and tracking the NYU bus to managing your alcohol consumption and finding the best food to eat nearby. Over 100 student hackers competed for the best app, and here are some of our favorites! 

1. LazyBus goes a few steps further than the current NYU Bus app by mapping exactly where the nearest bus stop is and telling you how long it should take you to walk there. Never miss the bus to class again!

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How To Make Games With Yogscast Kim!

In episode three of our How To Make Games series, Yogscast Kim heads to Criterion Games to join in with their 48 hour Hackathon!

Calling all coders,engineers, designers and problem solvers! 

We need YOU to help create solutions for some of the sustainability challenges that threaten the health of our ocean and the life it sustains. 

On June 13th, we’ll be hosting our first-ever hackathon, in partnership with the Department of State! Participants will be granted behind-the-scenes access to our exhibits and provided ample snacks and caffeine throughout the night - all in the name of inspired code! 

Prizes for best solution include cash prizes of $1,000, $5,000 and a trip to the Philippines! 

Learn more about our Fishackathon and how to register.

New York City 

It’s not news to anyone that women have been woefully underrepresented in the digital trade — especially when it comes to health-based startups and their leadership positions.

We’ve teamed up with our friends and partners at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative on a health-based codeathon series. So far, we’ve hosted these codeathons in New York City and Palm Springs. Through this series, we’re trying to empower more people to take health into their own hands through innovative health-focused applications. We like seeing the creative solutions that people come up with when they’re working in a healthy environment.

This time, we’re launching a women’s health codeathon series with the Clinton Foundation focused specifically on challenging female developers and designers to build a completely original and functional digital prototype with a big bullseye on women’s health issues. Ready set go.

Did I mention to you guys that I went to my first hackathon (and spoiler alert: I won!).  So recently I attended HackRU with some of my Computers & Technology Club members.  We were very inexperience with the competition.  However, we decided on the idea of using Mashery’s API to create a program that take your taste in music and recommends movies based off your interest.  We used Mashery’s API to access Beats Audio and Rotten Tomatoes for the database of music and movies.  I definitely was some pretty rough looking code but in the end, Mashery liked how well we did based on our initial knowledge of APIs (and I was writing this all in C#!).  There was so much there and I loved the experience.  I recommend all of you go to a hackathon :)




Hakko FX-601アマゾンへのリンク)のこて先を変更したもの.僕はT19-C3とT19-Bを使っている.こて先温度を310度に固定できる.僕が一番愛用する半田ごて.


Hakko FX-600アマゾンへのリンク).FX-601よりも熱容量が小さいがこて先温度を固定できる.標準付属のこて先も電子工作向き.


Goot CS-31アマゾンへのリンク).セラミックヒーターなので比較的長寿命.40Wでは大きすぎ,20Wでは暖まるのに時間がかかりすぎるので,僕は30Wを勧める.僕もバックアップ用に1本持っている.


Goot KS-30Rアマゾンへのリンク).ニクロム線を使った「安物」の部類に入るが十分実用的.僕はこれを何本も持っている.これより安い半田ごては使わない.











I had a great time today helping judge the LA Hacks hackathon at UCLA. Organizers Shree Dhamija and Ashvin Vinodh, et al did a great job.

I talked for a while with the guys behind Make School, a 2-year (or summer session) curriculum where the emphasis is on coder’s projects instead of much of the theory taught in traditional universities. They also don’t charge tuition. Yeah, you owe them nothing until you get your first job.

The entrants’ coding projects were fantastic, including the guys in the top photo who created the “Mind Control Mercedes” and won the whole event.

I wish we could have given awards to everyone who participated. The projects were all so different and valuable in their own right. Of the projects I covered, there were two young (high school?) guys with a P2P gaming program who had worked hard on excluding a central server; a location-based query app that will surely have some interesting applications; ShadowBot, a Kinect-based, real-time robot operation program that can also have some great applications (in defense and medicine); a thorough app to help coffee bean growers get fair prices and connect them with consumers; and ‘Mind Control Mercedes”, where one of the team thought “left” and then “right” over and over again for 3 hours to train the mind-control tech (Emotiv) of the project in order to later park a car in UCLA’s Lot 7 WITH THEIR THOUGHTS ONLY.

I mean, c’mon, great stuff or what?