From their mission statement:

GradHacker is a collaborative blog and bootcamp program that spans universities and programs. It is written by graduate students from a variety of universities, departments, and stages in their careers and for the entire range of graduate and professional students. We are dedicated to creating a community of grads who can benefit from hearing the stories, tips, and challenges of others who are experiencing the same things. The topics that we will tackle are just as varied as the individuals who are writing them, and while the original idea for this spawned from the goal of teaching other grads about technology to ease their lives and help with networking, we want to expand the idea of ‘hacking’ to all aspects of grad life.

I really hope that this site is awesome. Seriously, I’m all for the transition from academics to hackademics.

What is the meaning of writing? Reflecting on AcWriMo

What is the meaning of writing? Reflecting on AcWriMo

About mid-way through AcWriMo, I tweeted my concerns that I had not got very far with the whole process. The lovely AcWriMo organisers and some fellow AcWrimo-ers were very lovely and supportive; I started to feel better about my lack of progress. Other people blogged or tweeted about their own stumbling blocks, and it helped to know that I was not the only person not merrily writing thousands…

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In my Intro to Women’s Studies class today we discussed the significance of Otherkin appropriating the language of transgender activists and had a nuanced discussion about how cisgender people respond to the term “cisgender” and why it’s often a negative reaction.

My students are divided between those who Tumblr ans those who do not, and never more was that evident than today.