31 Insanely Clever Products To Organize Your Whole Life

Magnetic Bottle Holder

These insanely strong magnetic strips allow you to hang your beer from the ceiling of your fridge, freeing up space (plus it just looks cool).

Miniature Filing Cabinet for Business Cards (or Recipes)

Have a job that involves acquiring a ton of business cards? Install this little guy on your desk. Save a lot of recipes? Put one on your kitchen counter.

KeySmart Compact Key Organizer

Get rid of your bulky, Argus Filch-style key ring and condense your keys into one compact unit. Here’s a video to show you how you attach them.

Album Genre Dividers

You can choose from over 50 different genres when you order your dividers: from blues to tropicália.

Clothespin Carrier

Attach this to your clothesline and your pins will always be within reach (plus they’ll feel so fancy in their own little gondola).

Remote Control Organizer

You’ve got a remote for your TV, your DVD player, your Wii… the list goes on and on. Stop letting them clutter up your coffee table and stick ‘em in this thing.

Houses Necklace Display

Turn your necklaces into wall art and organize them at the same time with this adorable handmade village.

GRID-IT Accessory Organizer and Tablet Pocket

A case for your tablet featuring a front constructed with woven elastic. Tuck all of your accessories under the various elastic straps, slip it into your bag, and hit the road (or the sky — this would be perfect to include in your carry-on luggage).

Motorized Tie Rack

It’s like Cher’s rotating closet in Clueless…only for ties.

Keyboard Note Holders

Have a lot of things you need to remember? Let these guys help you out. They display your reminders right where you’ll be sure to see them: on your keyboard.

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thepeanutpan asked:

I'm a junior in high school, and I'm really starting to evaluate my college options. I guess I'm fortunate to have this problem, but I have too many major interests (foreign language/cultural studies, studio art/fashion design, journalism/creative writing, and psychology). I know that's a mouthful. But I really don't know the best way to evaluate, combine, or figure out how I want to treat these subjects in college. Any tips or ideas?

There’s a lot of possibilities. My best advice is to just experiment.

These blogs might help you out:

But don’t stress out about it too much, you’re only in high school. Starting out college as an undecided major is not big deal.

Read Kevin Feige’s Awesome Notes For Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Do you remember the “sony hacked emails”? Well, WikiLeaks published all of the hacked emails, along with one incredibly awesome exchange containing Marvel Studios notes on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 back in 2013.

These notes come from an email dated back in November 19th, 2013 (which you can read here) which reveal some of Kevin Feige’s (Marvel Studio’s President) viewpoints into what went wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Marvel obviously had no creative control over the movie at this time, and Sony obviously didn’t pay any attention.


youssefamorice asked:

I'm in love with your blog man, I really like the way you think and everything but don't you think that some of your ideas are just a little too good to be true? I mean all of them seem perfect on paper but I bet the real thing wouldn't be nearly as easy.

Thank you for the appreciation! 

Well, probably it sounds too good to be true, because what we have today is too bad to exist. However I don’t think that libertarian ideas are so utopian and difficult to implement. Authoritarian socialism has been tried many times in history, and there are some examples of libertarian socialism actually existed for a few years.

Certainly the monetary warfare structure as well as the contemporary centralized system are incompatible with a new type of free and decentralized society. There would definitely be some problems to be solved, for example related to management and regeneration of the environment, urban planning, the creation of participating sites. In practice it would be reversed the whole individualistic, elitist and coercive trend in place.

And certainly the main problem today is the very political participation that the capitalist system of domination struggles to deter through media disinformation and distraction. Obviously without a widespread class consciousness towards the exploiting class, a proletarian and popular expropriation of the means of production would be impossible.

I wish to emphasize, however, certain tendencies in the contemporary world that although not all-encompassing, to a lesser extent enact some anarchist principles. 
Just to name a few, File sharing, Digital commons and Open-source software projects, Hacking, Street art, Guerrilla gardening, Culture Jamming and the Do It Yourself, Animal liberation front and Hunt sabotage, Freeganism, Independent Media Center and Infoshops, Critical mass and Reclaim the Streets, Squatting, Free school, BookCrossing, Boycotts within alter global consciousness, Ecotage, Opposition to GMOs and supporting organic farming, Recycle and reuse of materials as in dumpster diving, Food rescue, Cannabis Growing, Greening and Bio-construction, Permaculture and Ecovillages, alternative currencies such as Freigeld, LETS and CES, a growing culture of gratuity testified for example by Food not bombs, Really Really Free Market, Regift, Time Bankings, Give-away shops, free shops, or free stores.

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New! ACNL hacking chat and subreddit!

You can now join me and the rest of the hackers in the new ACNL chat dedicated to hacking, or on the hacking subreddit, if Reddit is your thing. I’m available on both for troubleshooting, questions, and general shenanigans / tomfoolery.

Come join us and share your hacking adventures!

ACNL Hacking IRC Chat

Web chat client: [click here]
IRC client: irc.esper.net  : 6700 : #achacking

If you want to log in via an IRC client and don’t have one already, you’ll need to download one! mIRC is a commonly-used program, but you are free to google for others (such as HydraIRC or X-chat!). If you don’t want to download a client, the webchat will open a browser window for you to join the chat that way.

The chat is open 24/7 for you to mingle and discuss ACNL or hacking. Feel free to pop your head in any time and ask for help or chill with us!

Chat is modded by me (@cey) and cheebs (@cheebee).

I’m the resident hacking guru, and I apologize in advance if I am not around if you come in with an issue and need help. If I’m AFK, feel free to shot me a message HERE on tumblr, or on the r/achacking subreddit below…

ACNL Hacking Subreddit

Subreddit page: [click here]

The r/achacking subreddit is now available for you to share your hacks and troubleshoot your issues! Post questions, share photos, show off your DAs – if it’s hacking and ACNL-related, go for it! We are chill. We welcome you.

The subreddit is modded by me (ceynomore) and cheebs (chibimoondotus).

( animated skull divider by gasara @ deviantART )

Oh, for anyone unaware, my lucky town has made a comeback. Though it’s regrown its grass and sans flowers because it never had the beautiful ordinance on. It can now be found on 7000-5415-5274, and I’ll replant the gardens sometime to get it back up and running.

On the other hand this came at the expense of the Splatoon town DC, but I can get that back running easily enough later.