anonymous said:

You keep complaining about how people think. Why dont you tell me whats wrong with it first.


People are weak, and ill-minded. More than half of all humanity doesn’t even know what to believe in. Or rather, has been socially conditioned into their beliefs.

They are un-reflective thinkers. Their minds are products of social and personal forces they neither understand, control, nor concern themselves with. Their opinions are based on prejudices and are largely comprised of stereotypes, caricatures and oversimplifications.

Illusions and delusions.
That everyone believes to be real, while they’re not.

And whenever their beliefs are questioned they feel threatened, and typically revert to infantile thinking and emotional counter attacks. The questioner will be marked as ‘intolerant’, then ignored.

So then how will we show them what the world really is like? How can we explain what we should be, how we could improve?

We can’t.


Humans resent being corrected and disagreed with. They want to be flattered and made to feel important. They want to be presented with a simple-minded, black-and-white world.

They have little to no understanding of nuances, fine distinctions or subtle points.

They are willing to be directed and controlled, as long as those doing the controlling make them feel important and lead them to believe that their views are correct and insightful.

People think too emotionally, and not logically enough. They ignore the issue and situation that is in front of them and focus on their egotism and  ideology. They are not sceptical.

Humans are ignorant beings that live only to fulfil their own desires despite the rest of the world.


anonymous said:

*TWIRLS IN WITH HER UNICORN* Hello there dear Hachimenroppi!~ You have been given by my sister the dresses and underwear you will be needing for my special gift~ *MAGICALLY TURNS YOU INTO A WOMAN NO MISS AND DEFINITELY UNAVOIDABLE, WHY BECAUSE I AM A MAGIC ANON YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME* Enjoy that for three days. Buh-bye!!!~ *UNICORN FLIES AWAY*

”?!!!!!!!” There were sparkles and smoke, he could not comprehend what was happening. He shut his eyes to avoid getting sparkles inside his eyes, once the smoke and glittering lights faded away, the crimson-eyed alter opened his eyes slowly. “What the hell was that? What woman? Seriously… magic anons these days - ” he stopped talking as he felt something abnormally heavy on his chest. 




He begged whatever entity would listen to him to not make his nightmare into reality. He tentatively looked down. And he screamed. There were freaking breasts on him! He had breasts! He felt his hair in panic and noticed they were longer. His short, messy strands of black hair were now long and wavy tresses designed in a layered fashion.

He felt his face. His face was softer, smoother and had that womanish feel to it. If he had a mirror, he knew that his face, though its baby-like texture would be pale as a sheet of paper.

"God damn it! i’m a woman!?!!!!"


sassimenroppi said:

Roppi-san, what do you think 'love' is?

Love means giving someone the authority to hurt you.

It is a state of vulnerability, a weakness, that results in giving someone full control over you and your heart.


Of course, you will only ‘love’ the person you believe would never do this.

But we all know how well humans handle authority, don’t we?
They misuse it. They abuse it, even.

Logically, they will abuse your heart as well.

It’s called ‘falling in love’ for a reason.
Love is generally accepted as a reason to fall, as an individual. You will not be the same post-love.

Still, I am not against it.

Because love, and especially break-ups, change a person. Usually in a positive way.


Humans will be more likely to think twice before they do something stupid again.