The Zodiac Signs as Bad/ Annoying Habits

Aries: Takes everything too seriously. 

Taurus: Always complaining. 

Gemini: Singing all the time.

Cancer: Talks too loud/ Shouts when they speak.

Leo: Steals food.

Virgo: Plays musics WAAAY too loud and you can hear it through their headphones. 

Libra: Talks about things only a few understand. 

Scorpio: Never knows what’s going on. 

Sagittarius: Too clingy

Capricorn: Constantly cracking their knuckles. 

Aquarius: Forgets to text back.

Pisces: Always asks for stationery. 

Don’t confuse being busy with making progress.

William Arruda

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We do things intentionally or subconsciously that impede rather than advance our success. The first step in eliminating these destructive behaviors is acknowledging them. Here are eight of the most common habits that destroys your success.