I drew a momma for the little theropod I did some time back. However, I’m feeling a bit un-artsy today so I just slapped on some quick shadings to make it look like I put more effort into it than I did.

A low roar filled the sky, rumbling over the land as two large dragons fought their way across the dark heavens. This battle had been going on for months now, so it wasn’t much of a miracle that people barely noticed it anymore, save for the few times the dragons’ attacks would hit the town, causing momentary flickering in whatever they’d hit. One of the town’s buildings had been hit by something that had caused it to age tens of years in a minute, and one of the light poles had been flickering for a week now. Those everyone noticed.

Daniel sighed. He’d been watching people fight each other for the chance to challenge the great dragons and now that people had established their spots in their little “contest” and calmed down he could finally stop worrying so much. He’d spent the past few days treating the battle-worn mons, which came to a screeching halt when a wild sandshrew warped in the middle of the center and proceeded to run around the place, biting and scratching whoever attempted to catch it until it finally disappeared the same way it’d come, leaving everyone both relieved and in urgent need of disinfectant. Overall, the day could’ve been better. 

He sighed again, watching a few wild poochyenas chase a small mouse that tried to desperately zap them away, and close the blinds. Chaos was spreading, yes, but right now he’d rather put himself above all this and get some well-deserved rest. But not immediately. He pressed himself against the wall and turned to wait for Root to stop loafing around so he could finally close the lights and crash in bed.

Root was -probably- wishing the sawks a good night. It had figured out the sawk’s language much better than Daniel had and managed to grow pretty close to the humanoid, something its owner was almost jealous of. He still didn’t understand most of what Viti said and although he could just ask Root to translate for him, he’d rather understand everything himself. He looked at Root, hoping that it’d forgiven him for what he’d said to it a few days ago.

"You’re so stubborn", Root had noted while he’d been sketching up some more pictures to better explain his words with. "Why are you trying to teach a sawk English anyway, it’s not like he’s going to need it when he gets warped back ho- 

he had gotten cut off by Daniel shouting something between “shut up!” and “don’t say that!”. For a while he’d just glare at Root, then slowly retract back to his drawing. 

"Just…" he had muttered, "please, don’t- just, just don’t say that. Okay? We’re, it- I’ll-"


"I’ll -I’ll teach him English and I-"


"and, and we -we can talk, and I-"

"Daniel, you’re not-"

"Just please!" Daniel had screamed, "I know! I know, okay! I -I -I know! These, th- I -those <i>barbarians</i> out there, they’ll- th- they’ll, they’ll fight those…. things! Okay? They’ll fight them and they’ll warp -they’ll warp us, us… <b>Home</b>! Do you know what that means?! It means Viti will be straight back to- to.. I dunno, Ice age or some shit, and I-I- I’ll be, I’ll be back to… fucking, pulling stupid, fffffucking calves out of cows! I can’t -I can’t go back there!" He’d risen from his chair to pace around the kitchen, his hands unsure whether they’d be more comfortable pulling his hair or gesturing wildly at nowhere in particular. He’d sat back down, gotten back up and taken a few more rounds around the room, growing increasingly hysteric, his voice high as he went on, "You don’t understand, you <i>don’t</i> understand! I-I, I… I-"

"Daniel, I-"

"They’re my family! They-"

"They’re not your f-"

"They <i>are</i>!" Daniel had screamed before collapsing to a sobbing mess on the floor. "They’re- they- I… just, I love- I- I need them… I can’t- I just can’t lose them," were the last comprehensible words before he’d bury his face against his legs, letting out the most heartbroken cry Root had ever heard from him. 

Daniel leaned tighter against the wall, trying his best to ignore the fact that they were slowly running out of time and the cold hand of fear tearing his insides. Who knew how many days they had left? What if one of them would just warp out of the present like the wild sandshrew had done? What if he’d end up at home and never get to see Utu learn to walk and talk? He might’ve only known the sawks for a month, but despite the hardships and chaos that month had brought to his life, he still considered himself happier now than before. And there they were, his two sawks happily going on with their lives as though they didn’t know this would all come to an end sooner than he’d dare think of, smiling, laughing, not worrying about tomorrow. The two things he couldn’t bear losing.


…My hand slipped.

Welp, I guess I’m done! 

This… has been an enormous learning experience -I ended up doing textures I’ve never even tried before, and had a blast trying to work on his expression! In the end, there’re some mistakes, but i’m still satisfied with how it looks, and how could I not be I mean god dang I have improved a lot since I started this picture! D8 I deserve to be proud of my process. ♥

But, yes, Dominic Saggitarius, my personal favorite NPC from Subeta. I may have taken a few artistic liberties with his physical features as well as made his outfit a bit simpler but I don’t think anyone’s going to murder me for it. >w>; Right?


Flickering sign - Empty spray can

Resubmitting because Tumblr tilts every time I submit gifs. xC 

But yes, I think these are by far the best CWs I’ve drawn, also probably the most realistic. c: I didn’t hide an animal to the spray can one but I think the pony makes it up. xD I also hid all sorts of other funny stuff there such as mine and the commissioner’s usernames.


Yey, managed to update Valjean’s overlay before the sales ended! :D The new one’s on the right.

At first I thought of using the old one’s lineart but ended up redrawing the whole thing to better fit it in the box, also I originally tried to give him reborn pet’s coloration but since I totally failed with it, I went with rich browns instead. c:

I also feel like I got his velvety baby-coat and other textures down much better than last time round, and I’ve totally fallen in love with painting ears. o//w//o Earrrrrs

Mahars ♥


It’ll soon be Halloween and everything I draw turns creepy. :3 Just look at these fellas, one of them has a bunch’a faces growing from him(D-Gray-Man tribute) and the other… started out as a bulbasaur and is now a weird man-toad hybrid …thinger. .__. who’s also rotting.

Anyway, I should go to bed. :I 

This has got to be the most effort anyone has ever put to drawing their subeta avatar ever. :I

I didn’t count the hours but it did take me a week’s work so… 30-40 hours? Either way, all too long and Blanche wouldn’t stop pestering me about finishing it that time I got hilariously upset about how poorly I was doing so I guess I’d still be whining about it if I hadn’t had someone telling me to stop lying to myself and continue working.

PS: it’s a click-through link. Just in case some poor soul tries to click it to enlarge it.

I wanna see more human-like werewolves. :I All the ones I see nowadays look identical to anthro wolves and having to read the description just to see which one it is isn’t much fun so ehhh

I made some sort of a more humanoid werewolf. It’s kind of half done only, I was planning to make it all hairy and shit but forgot because I was ranting about something and then just started drawing in-between frames and never finished the original plan but yeahhhh

Something more in-between.

In-between is more fun to me, personally

So I revamped the bleites to something much more functional. c: 

What changes were made were basically crouching them down to a more bat-like position, shortening the neck a little and making the tails stronger, the rest is about the same as it’s always been.

I’ll be adding more info and picture here at some point, maybe do a little info-thinger like I did of the ix and arrans.

Also, sorry for the irritating watermark, it’s just that it’s b&w which makes it extra easy to steal and you know… c’mon, it’s a pretty nice design. >u> 

A huge thank you to Ben without whom I would’ve never ever gotten past the flat colors of the character. ;3; He taught me a lot about maany subjects and just basically spent two nights talking with me about my issues with art and others’ opinions etc and helped me find my motivation again. óuò

But yess, Mars sitting on a stone being all sensual ‘n shit. There was a story to go with it including other characters but I just never went with it so if the picture doesn’t seem to make sense, that’s probably why.

My flu’s getting better… or so I hope, so here have some autumny art of my avatar trying to hitch a ride. :3 We can only wonder what kind of adventures he’s on his way to.

Based on his expression, I bet it’s a safe bet to say he got a ride!