あるれい漫画っぽいもの by ズム

So I decided that since it’s going to be quite some time before I have access to a scanner, I would tide you guys over with translations of online comics.


I bought a hat today, and I think that it is SWEET (Step 12345676543212345665432456 of me trying to look more like Tegan </3)

PS I can’t figure out Photoshop enough to edit these properly, so fuck it.

I wish I knew how I got my hair to look like this.

Also I CANNOT get rid of this flick at the back of my hair.  At all.

And those are not stretched ears.

jeneelestrange said: Kiyomi is kind of weird. :/ Like, if you were going to do a yokai…she seems kind of half-hearted.

She’s really weird. I mostly LOVE THAT FACE. The rest though. She apparently also changes colour in the story? (I also don’t think I’m ever going to get over the black shoes.) I haaaaaaaate pastels with the fiery hatred of a million suns though and so not down with having another skeleton I don’t like. >:c (…I joined for the skeleton girls, yes.)

Actually, I’d love a kitsune. But I’m terrified of them making one and me hating it. I just find it weird that of alllll possible Japanese monsters, we ended up with Kiyomi.

I binge watched Friends for a little while, and I never realized how much I haaaaaaaate Ross. He is probably the most punchable character on that show. And I’m pretty bummed that punchable isn’t considered a word according to Chrome.