CA: wwell isnt it obvvious 
CA: im higher in the hemospectrum than that disgustin lowwblood
CA: so i do think the answwer is clear as night wwhich one a us is more popular

TA: lmao ha2 any of you ever wondered why eriidan diidn’t pur2ue a career iin 2tand-up comedy. poker face2 are goiing two be hard from now on.


Frenkie: Stop making that face!

Aera: But it’s so freaken cold!!!!! 

Frenkie: You are exaggerating.

Aera: ты из России… of course you ain’t cold! Can we please go inside now? Please? >.<

Fall Came Early Lookbook (‘cause it was really cold randomly today QAQ)

Frenkie: Beanie | Dress | Coat | Glasses | Scarf | Boots

Aera: Top | Pants | Coat | Shoes | Earrings | Earring | Scarf