bravelittletoreador replied to your post:ii wonder iif iim 2trong enough two break thii2…

be, careful! }:c although, I guess if you’re tyrian, you could always just, uh, declare yourself the heir… but then you’d have to fight the empress. }:((( BE, CAREFUL,

ii dont thiink thii2 anon ha2 the la2tiing power for me two go makiing biig grand declaratiion2, and even iif iit diid iim 2ure a2 fuck not qualiifiied two be leadiing any 2hiitty empiire2.

but iif ii can get my collar off, ii could bu2t out of thii2 dump before iit wear2 off.

anonymous asked:

Sollux, I doubt im the reason keeping you from dave. You're just pathetic. If you really want that strider ass than you wouldn't be ignoring him, would you? Maybe you should just use him before he can use you. Of course I dont expect you to have thought of something like that, dumbass.- AN

ii get the feeliing youre not gra2piing the 2iituatiion. ii do want 2triider. or diid untiil ii learned that he wa2 probably only u2iing me for 2omethiing. ii dont partiicularly care what becau2e ii dont liike beiing u2ed. iim a 2py. ii do the u2iing. iit2 not even a2 bad when iit2 on a profe22iional level. bu2iine22 ii2 bu2iine22. ii get that. but when you go after and toy with my fuckiing feeliing2…. 

well ii dont play that game.

a2 for u2iing hiim? maybe. 2ometiime iif ii need an a22a22iin perhap2 iill call on hii2 2erviice2. but not for thii2. never for thii2. iit2 a level of betrayal even ii dont condone.

iidk ii thiink bc of how rare iit ii2 for ahab2 two be onliine he kiinda ha2 two make a fu22 otherwii2e we all miight mii22 hiim