zoro as a yakuza boss and usopp as his personally discovered/trained and very dangerous right hand au

usopp is zoro’s only lieutenant and is the single person zoro trusts completely. zoro’s directly responsible for saving usopp and making him everything he is currently, and the two of them flipping run shit

No but the fact that Hinata rubs her homemade ointment on Naruto’s back so…casually hits me like a ton of bricks because like. Remember how much she struggled with herself to give him that during the Chuunin exams? And how Kurenai still had to give her a nudge in that direction?

She’s come so far.They both have and it’s amazing to see that reflected even in the little things.

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Have you always liked to draw? Was there anything else you used to like doing more?

yes, I drew and painted a lot as a child and I had an ‘angry book’ because I struggled at school sometimes. So they’d let me sit somewhere else and draw big scribbly monsters. When I was a bit older/as a teenager I didn’t really have any hobbies or past-times beyond trying to destroy myself but uhhh no this is about it really. I’m intensely boring. I feel devoid of a personality or identity outside of my art most of the time. This is my favourite drawing I did as a kid it’s called ‘a dinosaur with rocks all around’


  • Ruki:my old wound is hurting
  • Ruki:k, that ended up sounding like a line that could come up in an anime or something...
  • Ruki:well, it's just an injury from way back that kinda hurts.
  • Ruki:you don't really use the word "old wound", do you?
  • Ruki:I guess, different people have different likes, right?
  • Ruki:aah, it may actually be a little antiquated. there are just words that aren't really used that much anymore, ne.
  • Ruki:choberiba?! (very, very bad)
  • Ruki:(not sure) about putting "old wound" and "choberiba" on the same basis..
  • Ruki:generally speaking, there was nobody using "choberiba" around that time. another is MK5.
  • Ruki:you don’t know MK5? even though you know "choberiba"?
  • Ruki:majide kireta 5 nenkan. (the 5 years in which I have gone seriously ballistic). MK5
  • Ruki:somehow you can totally feel the hatred, right.
  • Ruki:back in the day there were also like brands and items that randomly came into fashion, ne.
  • Ruki:the fans’ way of clothing changed as well, didn’t it.
  • Ruki:years ago, there were also more cyber-like people, weren’t there? or like Enjera. (cyber-type fashion style)
  • Ruki:hm, nope!
  • Ruki:don’t send explanations about B-Types to someone who’s actually a B-Type himself after such tweets!
  • Ruki:MK5