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I was playing around with 3D text and typography in photoshop and I accidentally made a thing.


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-It was kind of silly to think you were in love with Beast Boy. We’re sorry.
-You should be. Just the thought of Beast Boy and me…


"You’ll help me, right?"


"Don’t kill them"


Secretly Greatly, 2013

i drew this bc my non-sdr2 friend said she’d reblog it if i did


mask by *witchayl

Prince of Stride - Characters
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She’s too cute.


With Heat Comes Wanting | DeanCas Big Bang 2013

“You can’t be tied to things for forever, Dean,” Castiel says quietly as he watches the fire burn and crack before the both of them. He gives the blaze a few pokes with the long branch, but their belongings are plenty enough fuel to keep the fire burning and the darkness at bay. “Somehow you have to learn to live for yourself. You don’t have to forget the people you loved—but you have to know when to let them go.”

Dean Winchester doesn’t believe in karma.

It’s not because of freaking karma that he picks up that weird homeless guy in the over-sized trench coat off the side of the road and gives him the first meal the guy’s probably seen in days — he does it because his kid brother is a bleeding heart and wouldn’t leave him the fuck alone about it. He doesn’t let the stranger stay with them because he feels sorry for the guy or anything—like Dean really needs another mouth to have to feed.

If karma truly existed, Dean wouldn’t be going hungry because he can’t make ends meet with pool games and other questionable activities. He wouldn’t have to sink to stealing and lying and cheating just to get by. And he most certainly wouldn’t find himself falling for said weird homeless guy in the over-sized trench coat who is teaching him how do all those things and more—because karma couldn’t possibly be that much of a bitch.

So no, Dean Winchester doesn’t believe in karma—and judging by the way Dean’s life is unraveling at the seams held together by just a couple fraying threads of whatever small shred of dignity he has left, karma obviously doesn’t give a flying fuck about Dean Winchester either.

October 2013


"The Star" — deleted scene, part II (part I)