Atelier Kouglof (France)

Thomas Berthier and David Moulin met at the Art Design School of Strasbourg. In 2005, they’ve build together “Kouglof”, a graphism company. Since 2008, l’Atelier Kouglof show frequently their creations in different cultural places like “La condition Publique” (cultural factory), “Le Bar Parallèle”, “Bonnefooï”, and they also participate at some collective exhibitions.They used to work with different techniques and on a lot of materials (canvas, paper, board..), and they finally open their artisanal silkscreen workshop in 2012.

This place is on opportunity for them to create with a lot of freedom and try new experimentations. This year, l’Atelier Kouglof present at the gallery L’Oeil Ouvert, an Abecedaire, the last creation of the artists. This silkscreens, numbered and signed are made with thin and precise lines at the workshop of l’Atelier Kouglof, in Lille. The surprising colors and the design really funny of the series make it a unique work at the gallery. The fancy creatures who come from the imagination of the artists have always a powerful dynamism and are coherent one with another. The opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday 31 January from 18 pm, with Thomas Berthier and David Moulin.The gallery welcome you all for this beautiful exhibition of silkscreens, from 28th January to 28th February 2015.

Atelier Kouglof - Sérigraphies
L’Oeil Ouvert Gallery - 74 rue François Miron 75004 Paris - 28.01.2015 - 28.02.2015
Opening in the presence of the artist Saturday, Jan 31 2015 from 6PM
© All images courtesy of the artist

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"How do you spot a radical jihadist? According to the French government, several signs should alert people that “a process of radicalization is underway.” “They” (meaning radicalized individuals):

mistrust old friends, whom they now consider ‘impure’… abruptly change their eating habits … no longer watch television or go to the movies because [these may show] images that are forbidden to them … change their attire, especially women, with clothes that conceal the body … [and] stop listening to music because it distracts them from their ‘mission.’

These individuals, the French government states in new anti-jihadist literature published Wednesday, also “withdraw into themselves, displaying antisocial behavior, rejecting every form of authority, or life in community.” Not unlike a Symptom Checker post on WebMD, the guidance contains a caveat: “The identification of one or more of these signs does not necessarily indicate radicalization.” So how exactly is someone in France supposed to tell the difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’?”

How to Spot a Jihadist According to the French Government

Il n’y a pas d’endroit où je me sens plus seul que la ville. Des milliers de personnes défilent mais c’est comme si elles n’existaient pas, comme si elles disparaissaient sitôt qu’on ne les voyait plus. Il ne reste que moi et mon cœur lourd.

There’s no place where I feel more alone than the city. Thousands of people come and go one after the other but it’s like they doesn’t exist, like they disappear as soon as we’re not looking at them anymore. There’s only me and my heavy heart.

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Robe A L’Anglaise, Le Corsage Lace Par Derriere

Pl. 186

Galerie Des Modes et Costumes Francais dessines D’Apres Nature 1778-1787. Reimpression Accompagnee D’Une Preface Par M. Paul Cornu, Bibliothecaire au Musee Des Arts Decoratifs. Tome III, Planches 161 a 240. Emile Levy, Editeur, Librairie Centrale Des Beaux-Arts, Paris (1912?).