Coolerado H80

Coolerado H80: Overview of Operation

Coolerado’s hybrid system couples indirect evaporative cooling with two stage vapor-compression cooling. The indirect evaporative cooler can operate alone or it can act as a pre-cooler for the vapor-compression system. When the compressor operates, exhaust from the indirect evaporative cooler is used for condenser cooling. The indirect evaporative cooler used for the system is an integral device with multiple air pathways that exchange heat and mass to cool supply air without the addition of moisture. Motorized dampers control the balance of outside air and return air, and the system operates with a minimum outside air fraction of approximately 45%. Variable speed supply fans for both supply and exhaust allow enable part load operation when only a fraction of the full load capacity is needed.

Coolerado H80: System Data

Nominal Capacity: 5 tons - 8 tons
Operating Weight:
1,550 lbs.
Dimensions (L/W/H):
Electrical Supply:
230 V / 1ph / 60 hz
Supply Airflow: 1,800 cfm, variable speed
Ventilation Airflow:
45-100% OSAF
Airflow Configuration:  Vertical return inlet, vertical supply outlet

Cooling Modes

1. Economizer (100% outside air)
2. Indirect Evaporative (45%-100% outside air)
3. Indirect Evaporative Cooling + Stage 1 DX
4. Indirect Evaporative + DX (45%-100% outside air)

Summary of Performance

The Coolerado H80 was tested for Western Cooling Challenge certification at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Colorado. The results show outstanding performance, indicating that the H80 could outperform federal standards for conventional equipment by 65%. The figure below provides some key information about system performance in each operating mode and at each Cooling Challenge test condition. The results are compared to performance at these conditions for a similarly sized conventional rooftop packaged unit.

Coolerado H80 Documentation

NREL Laboratory Tests for Coolerado H80
Coolerado H80 Product Information
Coolerado H80 “How it Works”
Coolerado H80 Sequence of Operation
H80 Field Test Results

Just ordered Corsair H80...

The prime piece of the upgrade to my rig, once I install the H80 I can finally swap the stock northbridge chipset heatsink which is just a fancy EVGA aluminum black coated fin, to a Thermalright SLI northbridge heatsink. I installed it before and the temps was amazingly lowered by 20 Celsius with the help of a Coolermaster 80mm fan with a nice blue LED. Dramatically helped my overclocking heat issue. Other issue, was that I could only install that heatsink if I horizontally position my CPU heatsink. Due to my PSU is position above the motherboard, it’ll just cause rising heat to go up and down between CPU and PSU. With the H80, it will give me the maximum head space for the Thermalright SLI northbridge heatsink. While I am doing these swaps, I’m going to replace the thermal tape that I mistakenly forgot to peel tape on the other side for my mosfet heatsink.

Raidho Acoustics et Scansonic étaient présentés le weekend dernier pour la première fois en Belgique lors du salon Brussels High-End 2014 accompagnés des électroniques Hegel. Nous avons d’ailleurs rencontré un vif succès pour cette première édition du salon.

Les enceintes Raidho présentées étaient les fameuses Raidho X1. Ces petites enceintes deux voies défraient la chronique par l’énergie et la musicalité qu’elles dégagent et qui est sans commune mesure avec leur taille réduite. Combien de fois n’avons-nous pas entendu lors qu week-end: “Ce sont les petites enceintes qui jouent?”, “Incroyable!”, “Un tel son de si petites enceintes, c’est magnifique”…

Les Raidho D1 et Raidho D2 étaient présentées en statique mais elles sont bien entendu disponibles en écoute permanente au sein de notre auditorium.

Scansonic, la gamme abordable de chez Raidho était également présentée. Les Scansonic MB-2.5 proposées à l’écoute ont rencontré un vif succès tant par leur design que leur sonorité hors du commun dans leur gamme de prix.

Les Scansonic MB-1 et Scansonic MB-3.5 étaient présentées en statique et sont également en écoute permanente au sein de notre showroom.

Pour alimenter et orchestrer tout ce beau monde, rien de tel qu’une de nos marques phares d’électroniques: Hegel.

C’est avec un plaisir non dissimulé que nous présentions en avant première francophone le tout nouvel intégré Hegel H160 qui dispose des fonctions réseau Airplay et DLNA en écoute sur les Scansonic. Celui-ci est plus que prometteur et attendons impatiemment notre modèle de démonstration qui arrivera début décembre. Il faut dire que les démonstrations faites sur base d’un Mac Book Pro relié en USB directement dans le DAC intégré de l’Hegel H160 montraient bien les qualités de son convertisseur. Nous exposions également le dernier convertisseur Hegel Audio HD12 qui vient de sortir et qui apporte son lot de nouveautés avec la compatibilité DSD, une sortie casque et un volume variable.

L’ensemble préamplificateur Hegel P30 et bloc de puissance Hegel H4ASE tenait d’une main de maître les Raidho X1.

Egalement en première belge, les câbles et accessoires Ansuz Acoustics qui sont désormais distribués en Belgique. Rapides comme l’éclair, ils délivrent une foule de détails avec une transparence rarement égalée mais sans acidité et avec un medium dense et naturel. Les deux systèmes étaient entièrement câblés en Ansuz.

Nous tenons à vous remercier pour votre confiance et votre présence lors de cet événement.

L’équipe Noir & Blanc

东京热-Tokyo Hot n0432- 谷口さやか(たにぐちさやか)-Sayaka Taniguchi

名字:谷口さやか(Sayaka Taniguchi)
三围尺寸: B82(C). W57. H80
鞋子尺寸: 23.5cm
血型: A血型
出生地: 京都府



东京热(Tokyo Hot)作品:

tokyo hot n0432 谷口さやか(たにぐちさやか) 芸界新人性的接待无限汁 05-15-2009

Vivitar Brand Deluxe Accessory Kit Which Includes Tripods + Case + SD 2GB Card + Much More For The Panasonic SDR-H18, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-H80, SDR-H90, SDR-H200, AG-HSC1U Hard Drive Camcorders
Vivitar Brand Deluxe Accessory Kit Which Includes Tripods + Case + SD 2GB Card + Much More For The Panasonic SDR-H18, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-H80, SDR-H90, SDR-H200, AG-HSC1U Hard Drive Camcorders

This Vivitar Accessory Kit Includes:

* 1) Rugged Camera Case -The deluxe design rugged case is heavy duty, water resistant, padded interior and has a front pocket for batteries, memory cards etc
* 2) Vivitar 2GB SD Memory Card -The memory card gives you plenty of room to capture and store all your precious photos safely and securely.
* 3) Deluxe 52″ Tripod With Carring Case -The Vivitar Camera Tripod can extend to a height of 52 inches when in use, and collapse to just 22 inches for travel or storage.
* 4) 7″ Spider Tripod -The Spider Tripod makes taking digital photos more fun than ever. Designed with self-timer photography in mind, it lets you mount your camera just about anywhere you want so that you can include everyone in your automatic shots. Just wrap the three flexible segmented legs securely to a nearby tree branch, fence, park bench, etc
* 5) SD Card Reader -Backup, Sort & Modify from the Comfort of Your Computer .
* 6) 5pc Cleaning Kit -This 5pc kit c ReadMore…

Product Features :

  • This Vivitar Brand Accessory Kit Includes 11 Items That No Photographer Should Be Without! — All Brand New Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories
  • Vivitar Rugged Camera Case Vivitar 2GB SD Memory Card Vivitar Deluxe 52″ Tripod With Carring Case
  • Vivitar 7″ Spider Tripod High Speed USB 2.0 Vivitar SD Card Reader/writer Vivitar 5pc Cleaning Kit
  • Vivitar Turbo Dust Blower Vivitar Strong Mini Tripod Vivitar Screen Protectors
  • Vivitar Memory Card Wallet DB ROTH Micro Fiber Cloth (not vivitar brand) + BONUS Photo Toolbox Software – Start creating compelling composites, posters, books & more, today!

More Features…


De rups #h80

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"Although the reservation number is not full

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Ping, Wang Zhao intern reports: 2011 Spring Festival after the first wave of marriage boom will appear in the February 14 Valentine’s Day! According to the marriage registration office in Guangzhou City, the major sources, an appointment that day registration of marriage basically full.

Valentine’s day margin for life, becoming more and more choices of young people. It is understood, Yuexiu District marriage registration office has received more than 300 booking, “Although the reservation number is not full,, but the appointment has been arranged to 17:00 after the fight.” Haizhu District Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration Office staff briefed reporters: “This year, Valentine’s Day many people, especially married, marriage registration appointment on February 14 has long been filled to capacity,, but there are still a lot of people calling to make an appointment.”

“Select Valentine registration of marriage, in order to witness our love!” Couples Kobayashi and Daisy, as early as mid-January already booking, “the annual Valentine’s Day makes me a headache,sito ufficiale moncler, I do not know how to celebrate with his girlfriend and decided this year Valentine’s Day marriage to his girlfriend a valentine’s largest. “In addition to the marriage registration office early in the morning to apply for registration of marriage, the Kobayashi also arranged a series of activities to Valentine’s Day in 2011 to give Daisy a biggest surprise.

According to the source, in the past number of Valentine’s Day is also a lot of registration of marriage, there is also expected this year to register a climax. There marriage registrar reminder, Guangzhou marriage registration can make an appointment a month in advance, hoping Valentine such “good day” to marry new people, please make an appointment in advance.

■ news

Wedding book very dull

Yangcheng Evening News marriage registration climax usher in Valentine’s Day, but the day of the wedding book but did not like the fiery marriage registration.

Reporters learned from the city part of the restaurant,, wedding bookings as good as before the Spring Festival lively. Baiyun Hotel is only a couple booking weddings, garden hotel booking is not received. “This year, Valentine’s Day wedding book much,r jordan pas cher, mainly Chinese New Year is not over, not during the Spring Festival feast of traditional practices, this year’s Valentine’s Day on Monday Moreover, most would choose the wedding over the weekend.” There are official also said that the new people on the wedding day The choice is mainly pick “should marriage,” the good old days. (Luopingwangzhao)

The hottest gifts of chocolate

Yangcheng Evening News valentine,peuterey outlet on line, of course, presents,,/”/, as in previous years, this year’s best-selling Valentine’s Day gift or chocolate and flowers, supermarkets assumed early Valentine’s Day chocolate counters, promotion, send concessions.

A supermarket salesperson said, meaning “doyouloveme” The DOVE and delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates and other famous best selling. Reporters saw at major supermarkets, the price of chocolate around between a few dozen to a couple hundred dollars, different consumer groups are acceptable. (Luopingwangzhao)

Fingers intertwined “hunters” travel

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yan Ying, Liang Jie correspondent reports: Reporters learned from the Guangzhou travel agencies, travel during this year’s Valentine’s Day crowd,,nike air max 90 pas chere, seven became “pairs” of tourists. “This year, Valentine’s Day just after the Spring Festival Golden Week,, just in time ‘dips price’.” Insiders said.

It is understood that during the Golden Week, “Hainan Island Flying centipede support three days,” the highest selling price 3699 yuan, 1899 yuan lowest Festival, a decline of nearly 50%; “Penang, Langkawi leisurely five days” fell by 7,599 yuan 3299 yuan, a decline of 56%; “Sabah Brunei five days island holiday” highest price 10,899 yuan, after the holiday is only 4899 yuan, 6000 yuan plummeted. According to a Guangzhou travel agency data show, Thailand,parka artic woolrich, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia lines and Hainan, Hunan, Beijing lines are located Festival outbound and domestic travel advisory enrollment amount of the top three, “starting next week, the team most in couples, couples , mainly flew romantic popular tourist destination. “travel agents revealed that at present, Valentine’s long-term fundamental departure deadline, couples planning a trip, consider high-speed rail,spaccio aziendale moncler, the province and Hong Kong and Macao and other short-term spa. Need to be reminded that hotels in Hong Kong after the Spring Festival Golden Week is still very “hot” tourists going to Hong Kong valentine booking must be “as early as possible.”

Guangzhou, a travel agency data show that,piumini woolrich outlet online, compared with 2009 (2010 Valentine’s Day together with the beginning), the number of this year’s Valentine’s Day travel about 2,000 people, more than 20% growth, of which more than 70% as “pairs “tourists.

Hands with pull “boating” feast

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Ling, Cai Xiaojun correspondent reports: on the 11th,bologna woolrich outlet, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter from Guangzhou Star Cruises company was informed that on Valentine’s Day, the day of the Lantern Festival, the Pearl River night flight arrangements in addition to encryption,woolrich sito, also launched a couple flights, and for the first time extended to the sea, sand.

According to reports,giacca uomo peuterey, the Chinese New Year holiday, the Pearl River night traffic surge, there are about 24,000 visitors per day to sit in the Pearl River cruise passengers enjoy river views. Many of these, the Pearl River Delta and other places of tourists, accounting for about one-third. It is understood that many tourists is the beauty of the Pearl River from the Asian Games after directed.

February 14 is the Western Valentine’s Day, and the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Wharf on Valentine’s Day, the day of the Lantern Festival launched a couple flights, Western-style cruise Chinese decor more romantic atmosphere. To allow couples to enjoy more sweet,, except the addition of part of the couple blocks, chefs also introduced a variety of gourmet lovers,peuterey piumini donna, such as: Grilled Mandarin Duck lovers,woolrich outlet online bologna, Lingnan beauty, Love me, love, love the Lantern Festival reunion and so on.

The person in charge that night a couple of flights will be extended to the first waters of the sea, sand, couples flight also arranged “dream magic” show, is now accepting reservations,, February 14 tickets can enjoy 8.8% discount.

Lantern Festival is not only the day of lovers flight performances, will be held “Water riddles will be.”

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