All I do is dream of you
The whole night through
With the dawn I still go on
Dreamin’ of you

You’re every thought, you’re everything
You’re every song I ever sing
Summer, winter, autumn and spring

And were there more than twenty-four hours a day
They’d be spent in sweet content just dreamin’ away

When skies are gray, when skies are blue
Morning, noon and nighttime, too
All I do the whole day through is dream of you

Oh slow down
When sky’s are gray, even when they’re are blue
And were there more than twenty-four hours in a day
They’d be spent in sweet content dreamin’ away
When sky’s are gray, When sky’s are blue, in the morning

All I do the whole day through
Is dream of you

When sky’s are gray, when sky’s are blue
In the morning (and nighttime too)
All I do the whole day through is dream of you


Not a single scene but ‘how Danny spent the whole episode keeping an eye on Steve, worrying for him and trying to help’.

It’s just perfect: Danny knows Steve well enough that he immediately understands somethings wrong when he’s talking to Cath and just runs after him when he leaves the HQ… Danny knows when Steve’s like this he can end up in deep troubles because he just throws himself in crazy things…

But in the end, even if Danny is far from a fan of Doris, he tells Steve: she’s your mom, you have to support her… and now let’s think back (forward? ;)) to 4x15 when Danny and Steve argue about moms and someone thought Danny was being mean to Steve… Danny was just being Danny and worried, scared and angry for his parents situation he let out words without thinking too much… but that’s why Steve didn’t hold that conversation against him: because Steve knows Danny well enough to understand how he felt in that moment.


I’d like to know if Danny’s ‘love story’ with the CIA has always been part of his life or if it just started when they threatened Steve’s life in 2x22… ;)

Anyway Steve loved Danny’s reaction and I love that it’s absolutely clear to both of them that leaving a little boy being killed hasn’t ever been an option, they don’t even look a each other, but obviously they know :)


This is the last scene for my #1McDannoSceneXep project which helped me to survive hiatus this summer ;) I hope you enjoyed it as well. :)

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McRoll in the REAL World Contest!!

Happy Tuesday McRollers,

     It’s time for your next McRoll in The REAL World contest. Below you’ll find 24 quotes from various REAL World stories. Remember all of our stories are REAL World stories, even the ones posted prior to May. Tell us both the name of the story and which character said the line.  Send your answers by email to realmcroll@yahoo.com.  

     We’ll collect the names of everyone who gets all the answers right and randomly choose two winners. Each winner will have their choice of any of the following four prizes. Submit a story prompt to be written by one of the REAL World authors, name a character (real or canine), choose an activity for the Rollins’ to participate in when they visit the island for Thanksgiving or an activity for Steve, Catherine, Danny et. al. when they visit Nonna in New Jersey for Christmas.

       Good luck!! We’ll accept answers till midnight Eastern Time Sunday October 5th. We’ll announce the winners next Tuesday October 7th!!!

1.  “You’re beautiful when you’re in a cooking frenzy.” 

2.  “I really think I’ll be okay if I just stay at my desk. I could still get in half a day … “ 

3.  “Hey, remember when I made omelets for you guys?” 

4.  “I just want to know what kind of man my daughter is … moving futons with.” 

5.  “I have a feeling your bedside manner is gonna be a little lacking.” 


6.  “Because he’s clearly been … what … pining for me since twelfth grade and after sizing you up, realized a competition with theBAMF Commander McGarrett, Navy SEAL and head of Five-0 might not end in his favor?” 

7.   “That day, seeing you there? I could tell. That’s why I noticed you. You looked like you were where you belonged. And you knew it.” 

8.   “Now … it’s pretty sturdy but probably best to keep the acrobatics to a minimum.” 

9.   "Unless chocolate sauce is antimicrobial … " 

10.  “I believe the agreement was my Pasta E Fagoli for your Garlic Shrimp, right?” 

11.  "Let me think. I might have touched more than just the corner of the desk. Maybe a few of the papers lying on top." 

12.  “But if you want to have dinner with your father, see what he has to say … I’ll go with you if you want me to.” 

13.  “Better. I discover new layers every time.” 

14.  “If I’d have known a dog was all it was gonna take I’d have had you at the Humane Society years ago.” 

15.  “Oh, Catherine, let the poor boy off the hook.” 

16.  “I know you’re trained to identify aromas, but are you claiming you remember every scent you’ve ever smelled on me?” 

17.  “Because I implied she wouldn’t be able to eat a whole rack.” 

18.  "Power tools … demolition … saws. These are the things of my nightmares."

19.  “Because he wasn’t you.” 

20.  "I’m sure. They may get a warrant to search Catherine’s office, and maybe even yours because of your relationship, but they’ll never get permission to search mine." 

21.  "I know her looks. I can tell when she isn’t completely happy. When we finished last night she just looked … I don’t know … a little disappointed." 

22.  "Oh, for God’s sake, those papers are for his girlfriend … of like a hundred years.” 

23.  "I’ve been by his side through the highs and the lows for the last fifteen years. […] And there’s not a single minute of those years I would trade for anything. I’m not going anywhere." 

24.  "He really is the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet."