SET - 3 Blouse Peplum #SIMS 4 - [laudestudio]

  • This Set have 3 new blouses (peplum style); 
  • All are re-textures of the original top from the game;
  • All the textures are based in real clothes and patterns;
  • Non-Default
  • Package format.
  • To install it in your sims 4: Put the package file in your  Mods folder.  

[my documents / electronic arts / the sims 4 / mods]

  • Any problem with the cc please report the problem to me. 
  • Don’t claim as your own or re-upload.

DOWNLOAD (As a set or individual)


Hair retexture / default / 45 colors

It’s the same shades and swatches as my other retextures (except for the short bob) so your sim will keep their hair color when you switch between the different hair styles.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who decided to follow me. <3

Skin and lipstick by chisimi

Eyeshadow by darkosims3

Eyes and eyebrows by me

When you download you can either choose a fatpack OR a zip file. The zip file includes 3 different files where you can choose if you want to add the extra natrual/unnatrual colors.



so I kinda wanted to give sims 4 a chance and played it for a whole day and….*sigh*…..besides the build mod the game sucks tbh….maybe because it’s just the basegame and the gameplay is boring as hell, but i can’t get over the fact that there is no open world and no rabbit holes anymore -.-

gonna stick with sims 3 for now…


Orange & Pink Dress #SIMS 4 - [laudestudio]

  • New Dress- This is a new texture of the ‘Panel Dress’. 
  • This elegant dress is perfect for Formal Look and Party Look. Have fun with this colorful dress and bring live to your game. 

  • Non-Default;
  • Package format.
  • To install it in your sims 4: Put the package file in your  Mods folder.  

[my documents / electronic arts / the sims 4 / mods]

  • Any problem with the cc please report the problem to me. 
  • Don’t claim as your own or re-upload.



Deleted Final Scene from S04E15

I’m in love with this scene… so much!

I wish they hadn’t cut it, I hope Steve’s PTSD will be addressed again and properly in S5. 

We already knew from the talk Steve had with Grover that Freddie’s death has hit him more that his dad’s…

Here he confirms it as he confirms that talking to strangers with common backgrounds is easier than talking to the closest ones. 

No wonder, I understand him, being there, done that…

This scene tells so much about Steve, shows he actually seeks help, and this is good, shows he’s strong enough to do it.

Also I love this scene particularly because I am a McHart shipper as a ‘prequel’ of McDanno. And we see again Freddie was the most important person in Steve’s life until he lost him… and just in a few days he met Danny… 


Duomo Namolla

ggoyam - Domangcop, Bangsain - Duomo Namolla 

Download / Gallery Origin ID : ggoyam

(full shot :  http://blog.naver.com/muler84/220124239593  )

6 recolours of the EA blush in two separate packages of 3 blush colours each, the yellower blush tone works best on the blue and green tone as it is quite a distinctive yellow look as you can see in the first 2 rows.

Baby Blush is another recolour (3 colours) of a blush made by Supertrapb0lous


Sorry, mariesimblr, no big wedding here, even if Wyatt said yes.

Originally I planned a lavish ceremony in the park but my game loaded forever (aka 8 minutes) until I finally gave up and quit it without saving. What went wrong? I wanted to see them feeding cake to each other - like I saw here at furryjackal’s tumblr and melted immediately in a puddle of joy.

So no cake for them, only a private moment at home with an exchange of rings and two woohoos afterwards.

Celia :B

gonna get around to doing eyebrows for this game as soon as i’m done being super excited about saints rows. which might not happen anytime soon, it’s been really long i’ve been this into a new game series. yoo johnny.

Happy Families: Chapter 4

A/N: The real trouble starts now…No smut this chapter, but some angst. None of the images are mine: thanks to the clever people who made them.

Entire fic still NSFW. This chapter not so much

“Happy families are all alike: every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”

Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina

Chapter 4

How easy is it to shake off a difficult childhood and adolescence? I’m not talking about out and out abuse, just a lack of the right sort of guidance and support we all need in varying degrees. My Mum and Dad seemed to be able to call on it naturally; he was a teacher, she was a nurse, so that helped. But also, they had the right outlook on life, I think. They accepted us as individuals with the right to self-determination, even when we were still quite young. Thanks to that, Corinna and I grew up able to make our own decisions, with the added security of knowing that they would support us whatever happened.

Ed has not benefitted in that way. One thing I had no experience with was tackling deep-seated resentments between parents and adult children. Could he break loose from his upbringing and still keep a relationship with his family? I had no idea, but I knew he had to cast off and make his own way, find the path he wanted to follow. And that I would have to be the one to support him in his decisions, because his parents seemed unable to offer that to him.


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So far the MySims collection is my favourite one. I like the fossiles, postcards and fishes too, the frogs are kind of meh, and those gems are just tacky and hurt my eyes. Haven’t tried the microscope pictures and the elements yet. Probably I’m missing something here, but collecting is much more fun in TS3.