I was tagged by dark-in-imagination (have a nice day, sweetie^^)

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1. What favorite song?

Everything from Asking Alexandria or Bring Me The Horizon.

2. What a favorite book?

The Catcher In The Rye

3. Where are you now?:)

on computer in my room

4. Like computer games?

Not really much…

5. Favorite cartoon Disney?^^

I don’t know…I like them all

6. Where are you from?

Czech Republic

7. You were at a rock concert?

Unfortunately, no.

8. Favorite thing in the clothes you wear?

My Asking Alexandria’s shirt^^

9. What do you dream about?

I hope I won’t fail

10. What were you doing an hour ago?

listened to Suicide Silence

11. Whats your name? :)



  1. How old are you?
  2. Favorite song^^?
  3. What are you afraid of?
  4. Where do you wanna be right now?
  5. What’s your name? :)
  6. Would you give your life to save someone else’s?
  7. With whom you want to be now?
  8. Past x future?
  9. Your Tumblr crush?
  10. Where are you now?
  11. Anything you wanna change?
Sorria como se nunca tivesse chorado, lute como se nunca tivesse perdido, ame como se nunca tivesse se machucado e viva como se fosse morrer amanhã.
—  Insist-on-h4ppiness