h4ndjobs asked:

be justins bestfriend or girlfriend?

omg. oMG. why would you ask me this question???/????/.wFlg;kjgh



bestfriend bc that could turn into girlfriend quickly ;) 

lol jk im not pretty.

br: 10+ (i love your blog so much omg)

honesty hour while i do my homework. i’ll give you a blog rate if you ask me something.

h4ndjobs asked:

favorite singer? ^_^

Ahh, I like love Ed, SWS, PTV, ATL, Fall Out Boy, You Me at Six and stuff like dat.

br: 8


Honesty Hour! I’m blog sitting, so ask me anything for a blog rate C:

h4ndjobs asked:

this may sound stupid but how did u get the online users thing to show up as one of your links?

you copy the code from free hosted scripts, then in your links where you put the title, you paste the code there!