Emotions (One Shot #5)

Harry Styles One Shot

Fight Me Series (Sequel to The Boxer)

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NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance.

Anger and annoyance burned right through you as you waited for Harry to come home. You were tired and the baby was kicking like crazy and all you wanted to do is cuddle up and sob to your husband. 

As usual though he was at a match and you were left at home with Sawyer. Even your body guard was annoying you as he hummed along to whatever song he was enjoying. 

Harry had been home less and less after your small little vacation a few weeks ago and you missed him. You two barely spoke anymore and it was putting a strain on you.

The last time you could remember having a conversation with him was the other day when you had discovered the gender of your baby. 


“Would you like to know what you are having?” The doctor asked as he stared at the both of you with kind aged eyes. 

You had both nodded and the doctor smiled widely and moved the wand around your tummy. 

“Well I am pleased to inform you that it is a little girl.” You grinned widely and began to cry as Harry’s arms held you close to him as he muttered how happy he was. 

“We’re going to be having a little girl.” He whispered into your ears and you choked out a sob as you nodded your head. 

You felt his lips press up against your forehead as the doctor left the room to give the both of you a moment of privacy. 

“A little girl.” He repeated.

~End Flashback~

You didn’t know anything anymore and everything you heard was from pressing your ears up to the doors while Sawyer and him spoke. He was keeping bits of his past covered from you and it hurt.

Things were still the same as the mystery group was still sending gifts and letters twice a day everyday. 

The lack of communication added to your bundle of emotions because communication was something you valued highly and Harry knew that, though he chose to keep you in the dark. 

It was one thing to protect you, but it was another to shut you out.  

You placed your hands up to your temples to rub away the migraine that was edging its way into your head. You took the seat at the dining room table. You took a glance at the clock on the wall and saw that it was close to midnight. 

You felt tears well in your eyes as you laid your head on arms. The cool wood felt nice from under your hands as they rest limp on the surface. 

Today your emotions were all over the place and you could help but blame the growing child that was taking up space in your belly for a while longer. 

When you had gotten pregnant the doctor had said that your emotions would be tested through the duration of your pregnancy and that there would be days where they would be heavy and days where they would be light. 

Today was one of the days where they were heavy. 

You got up from your seat and walked up the stairs, going straight to yours and Harry’s bedroom. You weren’t going to wait up for him any longer. You were too tired anyways and the longer you waited the more your bad mood festered. 

As you laid down and closed your eyes you could hear the sound of the car pulling up and then the front door opening. 

You could faintly make out both Harry’s and Sawyer’s voices as you laid still in bed. You also heard the door close and then Harry’s boot clad feet making their way up the stairs towards you. 

The door clicked open and he sighed at the sight of you all bundled up in blankets. You could hear him undressing and his arms came around you as he slid under the covers and held you close to him. 

The feel of his hands on your body annoyed you further so you wiggled out of them and pulled the covers tighter around your body and kept to yourself. 

“Baby,” he whispered and once again his arms came to rest around you. He smelled of cheap booze and ever cheaper perfume which made your stomach crawl. 

You didn’t even know where he had been since he hadn’t bothered to call or send even a measly text informing you that he was safe and in one damn piece. 

You turned around and looked at his face; there were no bruises but the faint coloring of pink lipstick lined his jaw and you felt pain course through you. 

“Let go of me.” You gritted out and tried to wiggle from his grasp but he only held on tighter. He pushed the hair that was in your face away and a part of you melted as his hands came to cup your face. You shook off the feeling as the pink lipstick became more prominent as you went closer to his face.

“What’s wrong?” Those two words made you lose it as you began to cry and let all of your frustrations out. You were crying over everything. 

“We don’t talk anymore. You’re too caught up in the season or with dealing with the threats. I am just so sick and tired of not having anyone to talk to anymore. You’ve shut me out Harry. It is always come and go and I don’t know where I fit into that.” 

He looked floored with what you were saying but you continued on. 

“It isn’t like it used to be, just being able to come and go. We used to talk back then but you’re keeping things from me. Your past and the people that come along with it. I can’t take that anymore.” You were no longer angry just hurt. 

“We’re married and expecting Harry. I don’t know if I can just stay at home and be left in the dark. I mean look at you, smelling of booze and there’s fucking lipstick on your face.” You finished off and got out of his arms, standing up. Your head was pounding and the baby was using your belly as a soccer ball and you were just tired. 

“Nothing happened I promise! I’ll explain.” You waved his voice off and walked over to your dresser. 

“I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care anymore Harry. I need to be by myself.” You said as you began to get dressed into some comfortable clothing, ridding yourself of your pajamas. Harry quickly jumped up and tried to grab your hand but the look you gave him stopped his arm midway. 

“What do you mean you need to be by yourself?” He questioned quickly as you walked out of the room and slowly down the stairs. 

“I just need time to calm down and think things through.” You stated as calmly as possible but Harry wasn’t having any of it. Your protective boxer through himself in front of you, effectively stopping you in your tracks. 

“We need to talk things out. You aren’t leaving upset, neither of you are.” He placed one hand on your check and the other on your tummy as he pressed his forehead against yours.  

“I don’t want to talk, I want to be alone.” A few tears slipped out from your eyes and you looked away from him. 

“Just leave me alone tonight.” He let you go and you picked up your keys. 

“Where are you going?” He croaked out and it broke your heart to hear the sound.  You rolled your eyes, whipping your cheeks before turning to face him one last time that night. 

“Away from here, I’ll be back tomorrow.” You shut the door quietly and continued on your way, away from Harry.


The smell of vanilla assaulted your nose as you walked through the door of your old apartment. You smiled slightly as you turned on the lights and the rush of good old memories came flooding back. 

It was smart of you to not sell your apartment but keep it and still come back every now and again. 

There were pieces of random furniture here and there from when you and Harry moved into the new house. You laughed as you saw the little trinkets you had to leave behind. 

Soon your laughter turned to tears as you poured your heart out right there in your bedroom doorway. 

You cried for the baby, for Harry, for yourself. In a very short time, your stable world was tossed in the air and suddenly everything didn’t feel very stable anymore. 

You didn’t know what to think about Harry and his lipstick tales, nor did you want to hear his explanation at this moment. You didn’t think he cheated, he loved you too much for that and you knew deep down he wouldn’t do that to you or the baby. It was more the fact that you just wanted to be alone for a short time. 

Ever since you left the house your phone had been alit with either phone calls or texts. 

You placed your phone on silent and got into your cold bed. It was different without Harry lying next to you and talking to the baby. It was different without having your reassurance next to you as you drifted off. 

The next morning you were ready to speak to him. The night was filled with kicks, tosses and turns, and loud sighs. 

You drove back home and when you walked through the door you were greeted by Harry sleeping on the couch. You walked over and shook him awake. 

Once he saw it was you he pulled you straight into his arms and you felt a few tears fall onto the skin of your neck. 

“I didn’t do anything! I didn’t cheat, I swear to you. I’ll explain everything to you.” 

“I know you didn’t.” You said to him and the both of you sat down as he told you what happened the previous night. 

He explained how after winning the fight Dax and Mitch wanted to take him out to a bar and how he declined. 

“The crowd was worse then usual last night, I’m glad I didn’t have you come. With it being close to finals the crowds are just becoming more and more aggressive. They want blood this year.” You nodded your head and he picked up your hand. 

“When I was walking out to get out of the place someone spilled their drink and some got one me, hence why I smelled like a fucking bar.” Your eyes widened as he cursed, a habit he was trying to break for your sake. 

“Some chick came at me and she attached herself to my damn neck and Dax got her off of me before I started to yell.” He kissed the back of your hand lightly before turning to look at you. 

“I would never cheat on you and I’m purposely keeping you in the dark. I am trying to keep things away from you and the baby. I don’t want them affecting you and if something happened because of what I told you I wouldn’t handle it. I am working very hard to keep you in the paradise I badly want to provide for you. Please let me do that.”

“I’m sorry I left last night, I just needed time to think.” He nodded and pressed your foreheads together. 

“If I promise to try and open up more I need you to promise me you won’t just leave like that again. I can’t lose you, not while they’re out there.”

“I promise. I went to my old apartment.” 

“I know, I had Sawyer watching.” He smiled lightly as he pressed his lips to your forehead. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” You said truthfully. 

“Are these emotions ever going to lighten up?” He asked innocently and you giggled and nodded your head. 

“Hopefully baby, hopefully.” 

It was true, your emotions controlled much what had transpired the night prior and it just showed how much they made you feel and how easily they could cloud your judgement and understanding. If you learned anything from them was that emotions were a scary thing, but they were always there.

A tad bit of a scare there! These two love each other more then anything else.

Here is the long awaited 5th installment of Fight Me, I hope you have enjoyed it. 


Please let me know your thoughts and request ideas! Send them in HERE.

As always, thank you for reading xx-Samantha 

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#5 Preference: He Watches You Sleep

The Lads:

In his POV


When we stopped at the red light is when I finally realized it was too quite for this car. I looked over at her as her head rested against the window. I smiled lightly, watching as her chest rose and fell steadily. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. Once the light turned green again, I reluctantly looked away from her and found myself unable to completely focus on just the road and not on the beautiful girl next to me.


I don’t know when I noticed she had stopped talking, but when I looked over, I realized why. Her lips were gently parted as she blew in and out air. I smiled, hugging her closer to my body. I kissed her nose lightly, not wanting to wake her, but unable to stop myself from giving her a small act of affection. I think sleeping [Y/N] was my favorite, but it was hard to pick only one. “Stop staring at me, weirdo.”


I ran my hand over my hair, pacing once again in a circle. How could I have been so stupid to yell at her like I did? I sighed lightly, finally deciding on how much of a douche I was as I began to walk towards the door of the bedroom. I quietly walked down the stairs, not hearing anything. Just a silent house, which scared me terribly. I walked into the sitting room, finally seeing my gorgeous girl asleep on the couch. Her head was resting on a pillow as her body moved slowly up and down with each breath. I sighed before walking over to her and gently picking her up as she sighed, nuzzling her head into my neck. I walked her up to the bed and gently laid her down but when I tried to pull away, her hand tugged on my arm, her eyes still closed. “Don’t go.” She whispered. I smiled a small smile before climbing in beside her on the other side. She pressed her body against mine as I held her against me, kissing her hair. “I’m sorry.” I whispered as she laced her fingers with mine.


She looked so utterly perfect sleeping. Her hair was spiraled over the pillow as her body moved closer towards mine. Her lips were parted just enough for me to lean down and lock lips with hers; my bottom lip caught between her two as my top one kissed her arch. I couldn’t help myself. She wouldn’t know or feel it probably. She’s a deep sleeper. I leaned down, trying to keep as gentle as possible as I leaned down to kiss her. Her lips were soft and then chapped where her lips would press together. Her muscles didn’t move with mine as I gently closed my mouth gradually. Her hand suddenly moved to cup my cheek. I jumped in surprise but when her lips started to move with mine, I completely forgot about anything else.


I walked in, knowing fully well I was late for coming home. I also knew that I was going to get an ear full from [Y/N]. So I walked into the living room, expected to see her sitting there, angrily glaring at me, but instead she was laying down on the couch, asleep. She had on a fancy dress that looked too good to be something to just lounge around in. I instantly felt guilty for not even calling her and telling her I would be late. I sat down at the end of the couch with her and placed my hand on her calf. She jolted awake as she looked around confusingly. Once her soft eyes landed on me my lips parted to say something, but when she looked at the clock, she instantly got up, leaving me behind without saying a word.

The Boys:


The credits started to roll down the screen as I smiled and looked down at the oddly silent girl next to me. Her eyes were closed as she softly snored. Her hair was half draped over her face as I quickly sipped my hand down to swipe it away, showing even more of her beautiful face. I kicked my feet up on the coffee table, my thumb gently stroking her arm. I closed my eyes too, finding it odd that I actually missed her talking. 


The beads of water were all over her body as she laid out on her towel. Little grains of sand could be found all over her glistening body that was hardly covered by the blue bikini she wore. I laid my towel down beside hers as I laid down. Her eyes were closed as her hands dug into the sand and I pushed her hair away from her sleeping face. She looked so beautiful and peaceful as she relaxed. “Calum, stop being creepy with your girlfriend and come back in the water with us.” Luke called after me as I rolled my eyes, getting up from my spot beside her and walking down behind him towards the water saying, “she’s my girlfriend. That gives me the authority to be creepy with her.”     “No it doesn’t!” [Y/N] yelled.


I flicked on the light in the bedroom, smiling at the sleeping girl on the bed. She looked even more beautiful than when I last saw her. I crawled into bed, my front pressed to her back as she breathed out. I knew she had woken up when she turned around in my arms to look at who was holding her. She smiled instantly, hugging me against her warm body. “I missed you.” She murmured into my chest. I smiled and rested my chin on top of her head, agreeing with her, “I missed you too.”

(I’m sorry I didn’t write for so long, school (A.K.A: hell) just started and I had been busy but I’m back y’all! This is kinda short but whatever, I hope you liked it. I love you all sooo much! :) Xx.)