Julie's Precious Little Life: Break at Green Beanery

I can believe I’m going over this again, I thought to myself as I took another sip from my hot cup of expresso. I was on my break from working at the record store when Stephen invited me for coffee at the Green Beanery, I thought for once I would have a nice peaceful break with my boyfriend but still life just had to ruin that one too.

"I just don’t trust those Jap twins with you alright? I’m just saying.." Stephen continued where he left off on our conversation, I sighed in annoyance and glared at him as I took another sip of my coffee. I put down my cup and crossed my arms, "Stephen, we went over this. I told you I won’t do that, even though they are smart, hot and Japanese and kinda more popular than your band.. BUT still that won’t change anything. For fuck sakes Stills, don’t you trust me at all?! Aren’t I YOUR girlfriend?" I asked him in a very loud voice.

"Jules.." He cooed me, "People are looking-" "I don’t care if the whole damn city of Toronto is looking, Now answer me!" I demanded of him as I slammed my hand on the table. He sighed and looked away from me, "Yeah.. you’re my girlfriend.." He mumbled as he took his cup from the table and drank his coffee. Painful silence took over us both as we drank our coffees awkwardly until there’s nothing left until finally, Stephen decided to speak up.

"Look.. I’m sorry alright? You know how paranoid I can be. I care for you, you know that right baby?" He cooed as he reached over and held my right hand. "Stephen.. I hate it when you call me that.." I mumbled as I looked away, trying to hide my face that is now bright red. "And yeah.. I know. But it still annoys me how you can’t trust me in these kind of things!" I said with a slight annoyance in my voice, "You’re such a loser.." I continued as I crossed my arms waiting for his response.

"I trust you, It’s just those idiotic twins I don’t trust." He told me reassuringly then I eventually looked at his trusting eyes, ‘I hate it when he does these kind of things..’ I thought to myself as he continued. “And you- are my bossy chick, MY bossy chick and I’m YOUR loser!” He said to me proudly as he both held my hands, “And I don’t want that to change..” He finished off as he looked deep into my eyes and I looked into his.

We were about to kiss until my phone alarm rang, giving off the signal that my break is over. I grunted as I reached over to my left jean pocket and shut the alarm then shove it back as quickly as I can, “Come on, let’s go..” I said to him mundanely as I rose and pushed my chair as I waited for my boyfriend to come along and take my back to the record store.

"You know.. the Katayanagi twins aren’t that bad, You know they’re helping me to plan the next party at my loft." I told him flashing a smile at him. "When is it?" He asked me, not wanting to talk about the Japanese twins. "Ugh.. I don’t have a specific date yet, but I’ll plan it with them if they decided to call back." I said in an annoyed tone as I pouted then I felt his right arm around me, grabbing me closer to him. I might hate a lot of things about him but this is the one I really love, of course I can’t admit that to him or to anyone for that matter.

I leaned my head on his upper arm and started to ask him, “What if I make it a theme party.. what do you think?” I looked up at him and he pondered for a while. “Sure, sounds fun. But what’s the theme?” He asked as his right eyebrow rose in curiousity, “Hmm.. what about..” I snapped my fingers and told him my brilliant plan, “Underwater Pimp and ho party!” I told him proudly. He smirked at my giddiness and replied, “Sure Jules, sounds fun..” He flashed me a smile as I continue my hype over the theme on our way to the record store.

"Call me when your shift ends alright?" Stephen said before I opened the door to the record store, "Yes dad, whatever you say.." I said jokingly as I looked at him smirk. "Haha, but seriously though.. call." He said with a hint of paranoia in his voice, "Yes I will Stephen! Jeez, what does a girl got to do to get a laugh around here.." I rolled my eyes and pushed the door open with my right arm. "Hey, I laughed!" He reminded me, "Not a sarcastic one, sweetie.." I told him in a fake sweet voice.

"Fine, fine.. See you then." He said before I went in, "Yeah, bye Stephen.." I replied as I went back to my personal slice of hell of wannabe music lovers and indie snobs, desperately hoping that time would go faster.