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I dare you to compliment every roleplay blog you can find so no one feels left out.

Bring it. Wait you said every roleplay blog? I guess this means rph, rpt, indie and 1x1? Yeah I’ll take this dare. Reblog this post and you’ll receive a post complimenting your blog.Let’s try and break the sterotypes guys. 

2 Chainz owned Nancy Grace — and now he may be running for office

No other rapper has been having as legendary a 2015 as 2 Chainz, aka Tauheed Epps.

First, he took down Nancy Grace when the conservative troll tried to make a fool of him on national television in a debate on marijuana legalization. But he dodged her jabs deftly and ended up making legalization seem like a safe, logical course for an audience that might actually agree with him more than her.

Now he’s setting his sights even higher


YouTubers + video game characters

             ↳ a movie score mix for all your flying adventures

{    First Flight (Big Hero 6) - Henry Jackman;
Flying Theme (How to Train Your Dragon) - John Powell;
    Thor Kills the Destroyer (Thor) - Patrick Doyle;
Romantic Flight (How to Train Your Dragon) - John Powell;
    Sons of Odin (Thor) - Patrick Doyle;
Star Canopy (The Croods) - Alan Silvestri;
    Antlers (Epic) - Danny Elfman;
Define Dancing (Wall-E) - Thomas Newman;
    The Dragon Boy (Spirited Away) - Joe Hisaishi;
Stoick’s Ship (How to Train Your Dragon 2) - John Powell;
    Enterprising Young Men (Star Trek) - Michael Giacchino;
Bumblebee (Transformers) - Steve Jablonsky;
    Sub Lift (X-Men: First Class) - Henry Jackman;
Canceling the Apocalypse (Pacific Rim) - Ramin Djawadi.   }

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Confession: In both Origins and DA2, I sided with the mages as I strongly believed they were unjustly suffering because of the Templars (the whole right of annulment throws me over the edge). However, when Inquisition came around, for the first time I sided with the Templars, believing that their order, however flawed, was still necessary and that they really needed to be brought back into line. I guess what I’m saying is that although I think the mages should be treated more fairly, the Circle is necessary

It’s going to be bad news for awhile, for both of them. There’s a big conflict coming. Whether they make it out or not is hugely in question. Bellamy is a big part of the plan, obviously. Now, they have their inside man, but he’s not exactly going to be very helpful, right now. He’s not going to have the same journey inside the mountain that Lincoln had. Lincoln became a Reaper, and Bellamy’s journey is different.
—  Jason about Bellamy and Lincoln in Mount Weather (x)