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Casts : Jamie Foxx, Jason Sudeikis, Lindsay Sloane, Jaye Razor, Charlie Day, Jonathan Banks, Chris Pine, Kevin Spacey, Jerry Lambert, Brianne Howey, Christoph Waltz, Lidia Porto, Sam Richardson, Keegan-Michael Key, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Stables
Duration : 108 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.4

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First Meet - Warm Bodies AU 

Hiccup is a bit different as Julie in the movie. He doesn’t want to kill zombies, because they used to be people.
But during a zombie attack he has to do something against his attitude.
Meanwhile Jack (he has eaten something  or someone …) falls in love with the human.

So, the first picture is how Jack sees the whole scene. c’: and there is a snow globe on the table!

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I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?

I think the reason I’m so incredibly calm about AoU is that I know that, just like with every other part of the MCU to this point, I’ll find the parts I like and interpret the other parts in ways that will make them work for me. I’ll find a solid storyline for Natasha that has nothing to do with romance even if I have to piece it together from fragments of things left unsaid. I will take the parts they do her wrong and use them to construct treatises on how strong and brave she is even if the writer/director didn’t know that was what he was saying.

You know, the same way we do with white male characters all the time.

I’m seeing a lot of concerns about Natasha’s characterization in the film, and I don’t doubt that they exist. I just don’t care. The MCU is a text with multiple authors, and none of them mean anything when compared to the viewer- each of us piecing together our own interpretation of the narrative, taking what we want and minimizing what we don’t.

I love Natasha in Iron Man 2, I love how she was deepened in Avengers, and I love how she grew even more complex in Cap 2. Joss Whedon can do whatever he wants to her, he cannot take Natasha away from me.