AU: Being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend comes with a lot of unprecedented things, but something you were definitely not prepared for was the jealousy. Nonetheless, you still know it’s harmless and he just loves you too much. 

I’m not going to call anyone out by name here, but I am honestly blown away by the fact that “POC people don’t fit in the lore” is still an argument that is being made in this community, and while this was originally written as a response to a specific post that has since been deleted, I’m going to go ahead and post it anyway because as someone who prides herself on having a fairly solid grasp on Tyrian lore, I want to personally address some of the talking points that keep getting dredged up on this topic.

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This man is a puppy, always.

Bad Dream: Graveyard, Hospital

I went and redid this other pic I did about 3 years ago now today I guess (wow 3 years hhgh). Was just suddenly inspired to I guess and it didn’t take all too long to do at least.

Rapunzel doing this was part of a dream sequence of Eugene while he’s stuck at the circus in my Tangled 2 concept. The story needs some reworking but still after all this time I hang on to it. ;__; I just really liked that one hhh

‘’Why was Aoi Asahina even in this game, she was probably just the fanservice’’

‘’Why didn’t they keep Teruteru’s old design, he was so good looking unlike now :/’’

‘’I was so happy when Hifumi died, pointless character’’

‘’Touko and Genocider is the same person -.-’’

‘’Yasuhiro and Akane did nothing in the whole game, and they survived, wth?’’



An outsider’s perspective of the show “The 100” based solely on promos!

Last year I submitted the Cobalt Wurm Mini. I took a short break from sculpting, but decided to create the pink quaggan for my wife as a small surprise. Something that started off as a cute random surprise has now turned into making a small collection. The attached image contains the Killer Whale, Pink, Blue and Attack Quaggan (currently still in sculpt form and unfinished).

As so many people enjoyed the Wurm Mini, I thought I’d share these little projects as well. They’re all made from super sculpt form, painted with Liquitex Acrylics and finished with a Krylon satin clear coat.

[Submitted by Chris]