He was mad.” they say. “Through his death he was King again.”
“No.” you want to shout.
“He was an uncle, a brother, a son.
He never believed he was worthy; and yet he was more worthy than he ever knew.
He sang and laughed with his people, fought and bled by their side.
He sacrificed everything he had for them.
He gave us a new home and reclaimed the old.
Do not define him by a moment of weakness, but decades of strength.
Define him by his life, not his death.
Define him as warrior, as leader, as king.
And, as he was to me, a friend.
—  Dwalin.

Guys I need your help.

Im on mobile so I cant link but I am so pissed and a bit scared.

A man named “drewballz Hamilton” on facebook is threatening my sister, me, my uncle, and my grandmother.

Why, you ask?

He’s the father of my sister’s baby. She recently kicked him out because honestly, he is a terrible father. Not only that but when I lived with them he would beat my sister infront of my niece, do drugs infront of her, and not pay the child any attention unless it benefitted him.

Dont get me wrong, he and I have actually fist fighted (not around my niece.) Because I was trying to defend my sister.

So, basically he is saying my sister is shooting up and is an unfit mother. He has been in jail multiple times and as far as im concerned, he’s the only one I’ve ever caught shooting up. My sister is a good person. She does do drugs, but she is trying so hard to pull herself up. Mind you, he is the reason she ever got involved with pills.

He is trying to threaten getting my niece taken away and given to him. Though he could never get custody, I dont want destiny ripped from a family who takes care of her.

Im sick of seeing him spreading lies about my sister, and im sick of the harrassment.

Did I mention he beats women? I did? What about the fact that he is racist? Homophobic?

I want him as scared as I am.

Im sorry this post is all over the place I can hardly contain myself, im such a mess.


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